Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yes, We Made It

As some of you may recall, this week marks the one year anniversary of one of the hardest week's in our family's life. Brett was hospitalized with major sinus issues with the threat of surgery; the next day(Oct 31st), my purse and digital camera were stolen at a fall festival at a church of all places. That was so not a fun night or fun weeks to follow. My kids and I got to see the rougher side of the world. Anyway, we've grown a lot since then. I've learned that I worshiped my camera and the pictures and videos it held. My way of controlling things I guess. To be able to look at my kids at every moment of life. Just ridiculous. Now I do not take nearly as many pictures and am okay with that. And don't forget that this past spring someone called me because they found my old driver's license, debit card and old planner on the side of the highway covered muck. See there are good people out there. We prayed protection over our home and family since someone had our pictures and address. See how the Lord has protected and cared for us! Thank you, Lord.

Just wanted to add that we got through yesterday with all of our possessions in tact and on our persons!!! Yay! We don't do any festivals anymore. Too many people with too many distrations and I have a basket full of boys to keep up with. October 31st is now family day. We stay in and play games and have a great time.

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