Friday, January 23, 2009

The Good Report

1. Days when the only styling product you need is the syrup from the waffles.

2. Feeling loved by my Mothering Matters group when I'm struggling with stages in child rearing.

3. A little boy that zooms so fast, yet he really knows how to take it slow.

4. New curtains. (no pics yet...a work in progress)
5. Playing board games and cards with my husband while listening to good music.

6. An hour with Becky talking curriculum and home decor!

7. God's protection this week. We had a gas leak, had to evacuate the house and get a new water heater. God truly protected us. We had a slow leak for some time and didn't know it. Then suddenly it was major! Praise Him that he doesn't forget us!!

8. The drive through car wash. I had a rough morning today and didn't want to go home. Stress was frazzling me. A quick thought pointed me to the car wash. I usually do the play by play of jellyfish and octopus cleaning our truck. Today brought silence. I laid my seat back and closed my eyes for 3 minutes of bliss! Sigh of contentment.

9. The thought that maybe I will be able to go duck hunting some day. Not all ducks mate for life! Yes, I want to go duck hunting. Random am I.

10. A sweet nephew. He is such a good baby and my little gentlemen are in love with him.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!

It's Inauguration Day!!! We're, of course, having lessons on our government this week and watching the Big Ta-Dah as well. T came in this morning and I wished him happy inauguration day and told him Obama was about to become the 44th President of the United States of America. His reply, "I know. Is he going to have his picture put on the dollar?" I laughed and said no. Then corrected, "He is about change, so I'm sure a coin, at the least, is in store."

This is also a day of prayer for us. Let this term of Presidency be lifted up to Him. Let two sides come together and work as one. Let His will be done on earth as in is in heaven. Let those who He has called answer and say, Here I am do with me what you will.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Age of Reason!!

I'm finally falling deeply in love with this guy. Well, I've always loved him, but now I'm really, crazy, truly, madly in love with him. When he was a bit younger, he was a handful that seemed to drain my life force. He started walking at seven months. Ran and jumped off of things at seven and a half. He has been bossy, particular and unreasonable. And boy, oh, boy does this child have will! Oh, the will power. This is the child who more than likely distracted me so that a thievin' thief could make off with my purse and digital camera. By distracted, I mean he ran away from me in a parking lot as I was strapping my infant into the carseat at night time! But NOW, he is super awesome. And oh so, reasonable. Yes, the age of reason has arrived. He says things like, "I'm being a good boy, huh, Momma?" "I am listening to you." Joy!!! Time and consistency do pay off.

This is my child who has always played well alone and has such an imagination! The other night the kids seemed to be winding themselves up around 7 pm. Uh-uh...Bedtime is too dear to delay. T-Bird ran within speaking distance and I told him no more running. In he came I sent him to sit on his bed until his body was able to move at a slower pace. I still hadn't made contact with Professor X. He was zooming around as well. Finally, he moved into my territory. I looked at the Professor and informed him of the situation and that T was sitting on his bed until he could control his zipping through the house. I wanted this little man to know the same applied to him. X looked at me with a pointy finger in my direction and said, "Tuh, don't even think about it. I'm not running (this was said in a tone as if my mistake was sooo obvious), I'm flying!" As I observed him, I realized that what he said was true. His arms were out-stretched and he was making the sound of wind passing by so quickly. How could I have missed that? When you discipline, you have to make sure you are addressing the right infraction. Otherwise your child is forced to point our your errors. Note taken. Thank you little man.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Occasion Table and Inspector Whatsit

We have a table in our dining area that is set up specifically for my Littles to decorate how they would like for each season or month. We use a coffee can with a piece of scrap booking paper that correlates to the season, month or theme we're going for to hold branches. Spanish moss has been tucked in to hold the branches. Our occasion table has maintained a nature theme. The scrap booking paper, the fabric material we use on the table and flowers seem to be the big signals of change. Hearts will make their appearance shortly along with arrows. No naked babies with wings...just arrows. It is a band of brothers occasion table after all. We also keep our Fun with Nature book here. Easy access to the back door!
T switches out his rocks. We have a rock collection. And, yes, each is very special in its own way. Just ask the boy! We put out our favorite bird nest and put an ornament of 3 little birds in it. You'll also see our little pipe cleaner animals we have made. There is a fawn and a squirrel with an acorn.

Here's our woodland creature from last fall along with a chameleon.
And this is T-Bird's spider spinning a web.

And a monkey.

During Christmas, I found these FANTASTIC woodsy ornaments. They are AWESOME!
We also have a tin of seashells and a bowl of acorns and other nuts that were given as a Christmas present. T keeps a magnifying glass on the table for ready inspection at any moment.

And here's the inspiration for this post. My little Hoot watches everything his older brothers do. Hence the reason he walks around all the time now with one of the magnifying glasses. He's so funny to me. This is how Daddy entertains Little Hoot while Momma picks up the other two littles from AWANA. Throw a piece of popcorn in the floor and watch Inspector Whatsit get to work. Quick to the Occasion Table for your prized weapon. Sort it out dear Sir.

Nothing gets by this guy!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's In a Name?

This subject recently came up, so I'd thought I'd clarify. My posting screen name is Mrs Smiley Joe. Why? My husband occasionally plays games online and his name has always been Smiley Joe. I've always loved it, even in the prenuptial days. Maybe because he isn't smiley and he isn't Joe. I still find it a beautiful name for my gaming man. So much so that I one day realized I'm Mrs Smiley Joe. If his online alter ego is Smiley Joe, that means I'm Mrs Smiley Joe, right?! Ya following me? However, I just discovered he also plays under the name Terlet Wadder....His sense of humor is a little off sometimes. I have no plans on becoming Mrs Terlet Wadder!!!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Noodles, a Book, and a Movie

For those of you who have been to Noodles before, shame on you!! You have NEVER told me how fantastically delicious and fun it is. After living in NWA for 10 years, I finally ate at Noodles. My best friend worked there when we were in college. He always wanted to take me, but I always said no. I didn't like his girlfriend and friends who all worked there. I guess that has always been the turn-off for me. However, 10 years means all those people are gone. T always wants something new. So, he and my nutty mom decided on Noodles. Look at those nuts (above). Thanks for the lunch treat, Momma!!!

Baby sucking on a lemon from my water. He was so good. Actually, they all were! We had such a great time. And the food, ah the food, so good!

He looks sneaky, but he was telling a story about his straw.

And their bathroom was great too. Hoot wanted to keep flushing. While the other two Gentlemen were entertained my the Super Sonic hand dryer. Seriously, your hands are dry in 3 seconds!

And the next day, my T-bird and I went to see The Tale of Despereaux. We have diligently read the book over the last few months. We thought the movie was good, but a far cry from the book. Sooooo, many changes. But T did recognize some pieces. He would quote lines out of the book at the same time the characters would say them. And giggle! Oh he giggled. I laughed at my boy. He is so funny. They showed Mouseword--so cute and quaint was the little mouse village. Then the camera drops down into Ratworld when T exclaims, "That's so cool. I want to go there!" Oh yes, carriages made out of skulls, every little boy's fantasy! Like I said the book was different. Ratworld was definitely unappealing. We really did like the movie though if you separate book and movie from one another. The animation looked like artwork. Part of me was taken back in time to my childhood. The mice and their families reminded me of Richard Scarry's little mouse stories with their little outfits and bonnets. Ahhh.

FYI: If you haven't read the book, the movie has strong thematic content. Not everything is rosy in this story. Just a word of caution.

Anyway, here's the boy with his ticket and book outside our theater.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Good Report

I was blog hopping this morning and saw several thankful posts. I've decided to give my own list of good things.

1. My nose only leaks 3 times a day now compared to the all day faucet it has been for the past 3 weeks!

2. My boys wake up EVERY morning and greet each other and myself with "Good morning's" and "I love you's."

3. I've found some really cool clearance items to decorate my birthday bash with. Yeee!!!

4. Talking with my mom morning and evening. I love that ol' gal!

5. Professor X sits down and does his pre-school work without complaint. He loves it. You just give him instructions and walk away. AMAZING! He just zips through...

6. My husband who laughed at me because I'm NID (not into details). We've started playing Brain Age and Sudoku on the Nintendo DS. Fun, fun. But I thought the guy was still doing the introduction and thought I was pushing the next button. Over and over and over...Thinking this guy never shuts up. Brett was laughing and brought to my attention that I was selecting the Sudoku game over and over and over....Ooops. But I love it when he finds my impatience endearing.

7. Casseroles and crockpots are making my life easier. And to some extent, tastier.

8. My dogs are great. Even when two children are chasing one and swinging swords at her. I told the kids that wasn't safe, that the dog could nip at them thinking they were trying to hurt her. Then we'd have to get rid of the dog. The dog went and laid down thinking she was the one in trouble. This is my dog that NEVER lays down! Especially with company over. So, thankful for good dogs! But once again, the Davis shelter is CLOSED.

Here's Cara(The big one-Hoot's dog-wild like him) and Lily(T's circus dog--both of them are high energy). Princess(Prof X's dog--those two are cuddle bugs) isn't in the shot because she was inside where she feels love the most.

9. Days where we don't realize it's winter and the kids and I can spend time outdoors.
10. My uncle and two cousins came to visit me last week. So nice! My side of the family rarely comes to visit! I loved having them see my boys in their own environment or should I say habitat. Wild animals that they are.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nostalgia and Excitement

OOOOO! I'm so excited, yet I'm trying to set my expectations low. Did you know that this year a G.I. Joe movie is coming out? I realize mostly women read this, but as I've said before, I was raised with 6 of my BOY cousins as my play mates. I have 5 girl cousins. One 9 years older than me, one 9 years younger, one 11 years younger, one way younger than that and one 22 years younger!! I played with boys when I was a girl. The closest we got to a girlie game was when we played Jungle, and I would occasionally convince them that I was the queen of the jungle. But most of the time we played base ball, fort, lots of running games, War (we lived on 72 acres, me and my cousins-family land-there were no boundaries and we did take prisoners), lots of wandering in the woods with the occasional snake encounter, we built several club houses, and played GI Joe just to name a few ways we spent our days and afternoons. But you know what, I had fun and never knew I was missing out on tea parties. I didn't even know they existed, definitely none the wiser.

Anyway, back to my Woo-hoo...G.I. Joe, you know, the real American hero! You know, knowing is half the battle!!! My cousins had hundreds of Joes...Hawk, Duke, Snake Eyes and who could forget Sargeant Slaughter?!?! I was always Lady Jaye or Jinx. More often Jinx because she was RED. I thought for a while that I was Jinx. I mean the similarities are mind boggling. She's a ninja, I'm not. She comes from a line of ninjas, well, my family not so much. Okay forget the similarities, but as a girl I was mesmerized by this woman, I mean action figure. She wasn't in the cartoon very often, but when she was, I was thrilled. I was such a tom-boy now that I think about it. The shows I watched were all boy shows--He-man, Transformers, GI Joe...I never realized how un-girly I was. Hmm.

Here, for those of you G.I. Joe illiterate: The Complete Guide to G.I. Joe. This guy has put a lot into the Joe team and the Cobra force as well. Cobra=bad guys!

There is Jinx on the end. She had a staff, back pack and two silver swords. She was great! And I loved her little red shoes. Can you see them? Like little slippers so she could move with her ninja-ness.

Another movie that could bring captivation for me is Where the Wild Things Are. It's coming out in late summer I think.
I read this over and over as a child. Just a huge favorite. My boys wear the book out!! I told my brother last night about the movie. We were discussing how much we loved the book. He said he would make bee line for the book at the library and then corrected him self saying it was an "i" line. A run and a hop! Cute. My brother is a pain now, but as a kid he was cute and precious!

Anyway, possibly exciting! Possibly a disaster. Hollywood has a way of destroying good things. Why would the screen writers change so much just to make a movie. If it's good enough in the original form to want to make a movie, then likely, the reader's and lover's of the original form don't want Hollywood creativity! I understand editing from books, but adding and changing altogether is stupid and annoying. Yes, I said stupid. Most recent example was Twilight. And then another one that REALLY peaved me was Transformers. Cursing, indecent talk, the camera roving over a young woman's body...not quite the Transformers I remember. Ya, they got the transforming sounds right (gives me goose bumbps...Love it) and the line, Not this time, Prime, fantastic. Yes, I only saw it once, but certain things stand out. I loved Transformers! However, they messed up the movie. I would never allow my boys to watch it. And who do they market the movie to? Kids! Ugh!!!

Well, there you have it. The most exciting things I discovered last night! Yeeee! (high pitched squeal) We'll see how it goes.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's in Muskogee! While I was not happy about going to this town twice in one week, we did have a good time. The boys actually stayed up to bring in 2009. They were wired and sugared up!!! Actually my youngest, would stay up until who knows when. The latest he's gone is 2am. That was this weekend when we went to Brett's mom and dad's to celebrate Christmas with them. Brett's mom said to Hoot the next morning, "Hoot I think you'd close every bar and saloon in town if we'd let you." Most of the adults had stayed up playing Sequence. Hoot joined them; this little girl went to bed with her T-Bird.

Look at Mom and Dad. Not so wired...
This is the part where I ask in an exasperated voice if anyone listens to me. Professor X is busying himself with sugar and obtaining objects to reach his sweets says, "I don't."

Professor X is in all out giggles. He would honk he's LOUD horn and Uncle Neal would yell back. Hysterical to this little one.

I think it's interesting that this one took up with the horn. I used to say his voice was like a honking horn.

Honking at Neal.
Baby Hoot took this shot...

and this one.
Top of the Eve to you!

More Noise!

Awaiting the New Year in the Castle.
Coloring Monkey Boys.

I just really enjoyed those pictures and wanted to post them. No real purpose. Just a momma lovin' to look at her family.
Oh and then there's this video which is funny to me. However, genius videographer that I am flipped the camera over to try to get all my kids in the scene not realizing that it doesn't flip back, as in you can't rotate it, as in crane your head to the side and enjoy.


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