Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Age of Reason!!

I'm finally falling deeply in love with this guy. Well, I've always loved him, but now I'm really, crazy, truly, madly in love with him. When he was a bit younger, he was a handful that seemed to drain my life force. He started walking at seven months. Ran and jumped off of things at seven and a half. He has been bossy, particular and unreasonable. And boy, oh, boy does this child have will! Oh, the will power. This is the child who more than likely distracted me so that a thievin' thief could make off with my purse and digital camera. By distracted, I mean he ran away from me in a parking lot as I was strapping my infant into the carseat at night time! But NOW, he is super awesome. And oh so, reasonable. Yes, the age of reason has arrived. He says things like, "I'm being a good boy, huh, Momma?" "I am listening to you." Joy!!! Time and consistency do pay off.

This is my child who has always played well alone and has such an imagination! The other night the kids seemed to be winding themselves up around 7 pm. Uh-uh...Bedtime is too dear to delay. T-Bird ran within speaking distance and I told him no more running. In he came I sent him to sit on his bed until his body was able to move at a slower pace. I still hadn't made contact with Professor X. He was zooming around as well. Finally, he moved into my territory. I looked at the Professor and informed him of the situation and that T was sitting on his bed until he could control his zipping through the house. I wanted this little man to know the same applied to him. X looked at me with a pointy finger in my direction and said, "Tuh, don't even think about it. I'm not running (this was said in a tone as if my mistake was sooo obvious), I'm flying!" As I observed him, I realized that what he said was true. His arms were out-stretched and he was making the sound of wind passing by so quickly. How could I have missed that? When you discipline, you have to make sure you are addressing the right infraction. Otherwise your child is forced to point our your errors. Note taken. Thank you little man.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Awwww....that is so sweet of him... to say "I'm being a good boy, huh, Momma?" So sweet.

The flying professor-- My, he is an articulate and logical little guy, isn't he? ;-)

I've noticed a change in him, too. Not that he was ever a "bad kid," by any means...but he has settled. He has found his niche and seems to be zooming along his own little path now, rather than "flying" hither and thither, to and fro!