Friday, January 9, 2009

The Good Report

I was blog hopping this morning and saw several thankful posts. I've decided to give my own list of good things.

1. My nose only leaks 3 times a day now compared to the all day faucet it has been for the past 3 weeks!

2. My boys wake up EVERY morning and greet each other and myself with "Good morning's" and "I love you's."

3. I've found some really cool clearance items to decorate my birthday bash with. Yeee!!!

4. Talking with my mom morning and evening. I love that ol' gal!

5. Professor X sits down and does his pre-school work without complaint. He loves it. You just give him instructions and walk away. AMAZING! He just zips through...

6. My husband who laughed at me because I'm NID (not into details). We've started playing Brain Age and Sudoku on the Nintendo DS. Fun, fun. But I thought the guy was still doing the introduction and thought I was pushing the next button. Over and over and over...Thinking this guy never shuts up. Brett was laughing and brought to my attention that I was selecting the Sudoku game over and over and over....Ooops. But I love it when he finds my impatience endearing.

7. Casseroles and crockpots are making my life easier. And to some extent, tastier.

8. My dogs are great. Even when two children are chasing one and swinging swords at her. I told the kids that wasn't safe, that the dog could nip at them thinking they were trying to hurt her. Then we'd have to get rid of the dog. The dog went and laid down thinking she was the one in trouble. This is my dog that NEVER lays down! Especially with company over. So, thankful for good dogs! But once again, the Davis shelter is CLOSED.

Here's Cara(The big one-Hoot's dog-wild like him) and Lily(T's circus dog--both of them are high energy). Princess(Prof X's dog--those two are cuddle bugs) isn't in the shot because she was inside where she feels love the most.

9. Days where we don't realize it's winter and the kids and I can spend time outdoors.
10. My uncle and two cousins came to visit me last week. So nice! My side of the family rarely comes to visit! I loved having them see my boys in their own environment or should I say habitat. Wild animals that they are.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I love this list!! --and the pictures you included. Yep, your boys are fantastic! I love their "party on" approach to life!!! :-)

And your mom is fantastic, too. She goes on my list as well.

I love reading all of these thankful posts!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, and I love the pic of you and your loverboy. So funny!