Friday, January 23, 2009

The Good Report

1. Days when the only styling product you need is the syrup from the waffles.

2. Feeling loved by my Mothering Matters group when I'm struggling with stages in child rearing.

3. A little boy that zooms so fast, yet he really knows how to take it slow.

4. New curtains. (no pics yet...a work in progress)
5. Playing board games and cards with my husband while listening to good music.

6. An hour with Becky talking curriculum and home decor!

7. God's protection this week. We had a gas leak, had to evacuate the house and get a new water heater. God truly protected us. We had a slow leak for some time and didn't know it. Then suddenly it was major! Praise Him that he doesn't forget us!!

8. The drive through car wash. I had a rough morning today and didn't want to go home. Stress was frazzling me. A quick thought pointed me to the car wash. I usually do the play by play of jellyfish and octopus cleaning our truck. Today brought silence. I laid my seat back and closed my eyes for 3 minutes of bliss! Sigh of contentment.

9. The thought that maybe I will be able to go duck hunting some day. Not all ducks mate for life! Yes, I want to go duck hunting. Random am I.

10. A sweet nephew. He is such a good baby and my little gentlemen are in love with him.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are safe. God is good.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

LOVE that second pic of baby...and the one of Tristan lying against the tree. So great!!

Yea, that whole gas leak thing just shocked me. And, yes, God is SOOO good. No, I haven't forgotten that, in light of my family's recent news.

Sweet nephew is adorable. And you have him a lot. I'm glad he's with you.

Rachel said...

:-D I love your good report! It made me smile.