Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nostalgia and Excitement

OOOOO! I'm so excited, yet I'm trying to set my expectations low. Did you know that this year a G.I. Joe movie is coming out? I realize mostly women read this, but as I've said before, I was raised with 6 of my BOY cousins as my play mates. I have 5 girl cousins. One 9 years older than me, one 9 years younger, one 11 years younger, one way younger than that and one 22 years younger!! I played with boys when I was a girl. The closest we got to a girlie game was when we played Jungle, and I would occasionally convince them that I was the queen of the jungle. But most of the time we played base ball, fort, lots of running games, War (we lived on 72 acres, me and my cousins-family land-there were no boundaries and we did take prisoners), lots of wandering in the woods with the occasional snake encounter, we built several club houses, and played GI Joe just to name a few ways we spent our days and afternoons. But you know what, I had fun and never knew I was missing out on tea parties. I didn't even know they existed, definitely none the wiser.

Anyway, back to my Woo-hoo...G.I. Joe, you know, the real American hero! You know, knowing is half the battle!!! My cousins had hundreds of Joes...Hawk, Duke, Snake Eyes and who could forget Sargeant Slaughter?!?! I was always Lady Jaye or Jinx. More often Jinx because she was RED. I thought for a while that I was Jinx. I mean the similarities are mind boggling. She's a ninja, I'm not. She comes from a line of ninjas, well, my family not so much. Okay forget the similarities, but as a girl I was mesmerized by this woman, I mean action figure. She wasn't in the cartoon very often, but when she was, I was thrilled. I was such a tom-boy now that I think about it. The shows I watched were all boy shows--He-man, Transformers, GI Joe...I never realized how un-girly I was. Hmm.

Here, for those of you G.I. Joe illiterate: The Complete Guide to G.I. Joe. This guy has put a lot into the Joe team and the Cobra force as well. Cobra=bad guys!

There is Jinx on the end. She had a staff, back pack and two silver swords. She was great! And I loved her little red shoes. Can you see them? Like little slippers so she could move with her ninja-ness.

Another movie that could bring captivation for me is Where the Wild Things Are. It's coming out in late summer I think.
I read this over and over as a child. Just a huge favorite. My boys wear the book out!! I told my brother last night about the movie. We were discussing how much we loved the book. He said he would make bee line for the book at the library and then corrected him self saying it was an "i" line. A run and a hop! Cute. My brother is a pain now, but as a kid he was cute and precious!

Anyway, possibly exciting! Possibly a disaster. Hollywood has a way of destroying good things. Why would the screen writers change so much just to make a movie. If it's good enough in the original form to want to make a movie, then likely, the reader's and lover's of the original form don't want Hollywood creativity! I understand editing from books, but adding and changing altogether is stupid and annoying. Yes, I said stupid. Most recent example was Twilight. And then another one that REALLY peaved me was Transformers. Cursing, indecent talk, the camera roving over a young woman's body...not quite the Transformers I remember. Ya, they got the transforming sounds right (gives me goose bumbps...Love it) and the line, Not this time, Prime, fantastic. Yes, I only saw it once, but certain things stand out. I loved Transformers! However, they messed up the movie. I would never allow my boys to watch it. And who do they market the movie to? Kids! Ugh!!!

Well, there you have it. The most exciting things I discovered last night! Yeeee! (high pitched squeal) We'll see how it goes.

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christine matchell said...

I also grew up with all boy pals when i was little (3 older brothers and 3 boy neighbors) and LOVED GI Joe. I'm not quite the expert that you are, but you can call on me to go see the movie! :)

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Thank you, Chris!!! I was feeling a little lonesome! Yea for girls who grew up with boys!