Friday, January 16, 2009

The Occasion Table and Inspector Whatsit

We have a table in our dining area that is set up specifically for my Littles to decorate how they would like for each season or month. We use a coffee can with a piece of scrap booking paper that correlates to the season, month or theme we're going for to hold branches. Spanish moss has been tucked in to hold the branches. Our occasion table has maintained a nature theme. The scrap booking paper, the fabric material we use on the table and flowers seem to be the big signals of change. Hearts will make their appearance shortly along with arrows. No naked babies with wings...just arrows. It is a band of brothers occasion table after all. We also keep our Fun with Nature book here. Easy access to the back door!
T switches out his rocks. We have a rock collection. And, yes, each is very special in its own way. Just ask the boy! We put out our favorite bird nest and put an ornament of 3 little birds in it. You'll also see our little pipe cleaner animals we have made. There is a fawn and a squirrel with an acorn.

Here's our woodland creature from last fall along with a chameleon.
And this is T-Bird's spider spinning a web.

And a monkey.

During Christmas, I found these FANTASTIC woodsy ornaments. They are AWESOME!
We also have a tin of seashells and a bowl of acorns and other nuts that were given as a Christmas present. T keeps a magnifying glass on the table for ready inspection at any moment.

And here's the inspiration for this post. My little Hoot watches everything his older brothers do. Hence the reason he walks around all the time now with one of the magnifying glasses. He's so funny to me. This is how Daddy entertains Little Hoot while Momma picks up the other two littles from AWANA. Throw a piece of popcorn in the floor and watch Inspector Whatsit get to work. Quick to the Occasion Table for your prized weapon. Sort it out dear Sir.

Nothing gets by this guy!

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

Curious kids make for highly intelligent adults! You go mama!
I like your gourd!!! I have some, too...somewhere. I made my husband bring home his drill bits and the thing I need to drill out a hole and paint/make it into a birdhouse this spring.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I love that occasion table. Did you see me taking pictures of it, too? :-) Your ornaments are just precious!!

That baby!!-- he is unbelievably cute!!! He does look just like a little scientist, doesn't he? Hee hee. Such a cutie pie.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, and I love your twisty animals, too. I have some of mine in the kitchen now & some in the playroom. :-)

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Jerri, I love gourds! They grow gigantic ones at the Botanical Gardens! Huge! I spray painted some of my less than large ones gold for Christmas decor. A new spray of paint will have them ready for spring! Yea!

Wendy, no I didn't notice you taking pics. That always makes me nervous. Was my house mostly clean and all that jazz??? Yikes!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Funny lady-- your house is always cheerful, creative... I only took pictures of your awesome display and our kids. I promise not to whip out the camera if I spot laundry! ;-)