Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's in Muskogee! While I was not happy about going to this town twice in one week, we did have a good time. The boys actually stayed up to bring in 2009. They were wired and sugared up!!! Actually my youngest, would stay up until who knows when. The latest he's gone is 2am. That was this weekend when we went to Brett's mom and dad's to celebrate Christmas with them. Brett's mom said to Hoot the next morning, "Hoot I think you'd close every bar and saloon in town if we'd let you." Most of the adults had stayed up playing Sequence. Hoot joined them; this little girl went to bed with her T-Bird.

Look at Mom and Dad. Not so wired...
This is the part where I ask in an exasperated voice if anyone listens to me. Professor X is busying himself with sugar and obtaining objects to reach his sweets says, "I don't."

Professor X is in all out giggles. He would honk he's LOUD horn and Uncle Neal would yell back. Hysterical to this little one.

I think it's interesting that this one took up with the horn. I used to say his voice was like a honking horn.

Honking at Neal.
Baby Hoot took this shot...

and this one.
Top of the Eve to you!

More Noise!

Awaiting the New Year in the Castle.
Coloring Monkey Boys.

I just really enjoyed those pictures and wanted to post them. No real purpose. Just a momma lovin' to look at her family.
Oh and then there's this video which is funny to me. However, genius videographer that I am flipped the camera over to try to get all my kids in the scene not realizing that it doesn't flip back, as in you can't rotate it, as in crane your head to the side and enjoy.


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Jerri Dalrymple said...

VERY cute pics!!! I loved the video, too! I remember those days when the toddlers were easily amused, and the adults even easier to amuse, simply by watching the toddlers! :0)

Gotta go massage my neck now....just kidding! LOL

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Hmmm....the video isn't playing for me. I've tried twice! Psha.

I love the pictures!! Little Hoot in the castle and Prof giggling! So funny!! (And I'm proud of TBird for going to bed with you. I didn't make it until the New Year either!)

Glad you are enjoying Sequence!!

Thank you for posting all of the pictures. I love your kids!