Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Good Report

We have had a blast of a week. Well, as of Wednesday, I was still a bit down, but then things just picked up and took off. Here's my good report.

1. My kids finally got to play outside. They had been contained indoors since there was no way for them to warm back up. So, Saturday afternoon I took them on a walk. (2 Saturdays ago.) They crushed every semblance of ice and snow on the road. This walk comprises several of my goods in the report. :)

2. We were able to see a train go by on our walk. Hoot was ecstatic and started yelling for "James" the tank engine to return. He has started saying follow me. It is soooooo cute!!

Following him to the train.

Just past this is where I halted the expedition. :) I had to carry the little guy away.

3. There is treasure everywhere! I love this video because the little gentlemen are so busy, each in their own way. You know I love random!
(Make sure to turn off the music at the bottom of my page)


4. More treasure! A jungle gym of trees!! Perfect for little boys!


5. Catching Hoot saying follow me. This is so precious and priceless to me!
(Remember to turn off the music all the way at the bottom)


6. Going to the Eagle watch with the littlest of the littles. We had a good time. It was good Mommy and littles time. Daddy and T were resting their tummies at the house.

7. A good Thursday. I attended and participated in my first ever card swap. I was literally shaking when I pulled out my cards to pass out. Seriously, I was stampin' with the big girls. This was my sink or swim moment! I think I'm holding a good doggy paddle right now, but I had a GREAT time. And then onto another meeting that was just what I needed! It was a good night!

8. Even though this has been on our power line, we've continued to have electricity. The electric guys came out with a gentle reminder from me. Now we have our back yard back.

These are spears of branches that we found jabbed into the ground form their fall. They were at least 6 inches deep. SCARY!

9. I'm so thankful for being married to a man who can repair almost anything!!! I wish I had an accurate list of the things he has taken care of!! He really is a handy guy!
10. My Mommy and I had an awesome day/weekend. I can't tell you how much fun we've had and how much we've laughed!!!
11. (Yes, I'm going over the usual 10 items. I'm just feeling really blessed right now!) The book Drawing Near. It's what I need when I need it!
12. Natural Falls with the kiddos on Friday. I didn't take my camera for several reasons. I missed a couple of really cool moments but that's okay! We're now expert hikers! There are so many downed trees. One of the trees covered one of the steeper, sheerer areas. (Okay, it was either that or the insane mountain of gravel!) Anyway, we obviously made it. It was awesome! You should have seen my mountain goat children climbing and scooting!!!! We had a really peace inducing time together. So nice. There is also a tree over the water in the forest floor near the little bridge. While the little two ate whales, T-Bird monkeyed back and forth over it. I love having agile children. They run well, climb well, jump well.... :)
14. My garage has been defunked! It's been an all day process, but the carpetting has been pulled and the floor has been sanitized. It was still smelling a little Pet Store-ish, but a quick spray of some Home Trends LOC made things all the better! Good bye gross!
15. My house is finally starting to come together! My long awaited poster/art is on it's way to custom framing via my Mommy's gift to me. Two Mondays from now will be another happy day for me! I've so delayed gratification on this one!!!!!!
And there it is, the good report.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Toooooooooo CUUUUUUUUUTE!!! I loved the video, too! Glad you guys are back at 'em! :0)

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Thanks Ladies!! I was worried this post might be a little overwhelming and no one would watch my videos and appreciate my pics. Your right, Jerri, it's good to be back at 'em!! :)