Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inside a Messie's Mind and Accomplishment

Hi, I'm Adelia. And I'm a Messie. I think I've been a Messie my entire life. I'm a Perfectionist Messie. I'm married to a Spartan Messie. And this is okay. At least it's okay now that I've read and am re-reading the Messies Manual by Sandra Felton. Love, love the Messies Manual. It let's you know that you are okay and their is reason to the chaos. Not only reason but hope. Oh, to hope! Before I go further let me give you definitions of the above mentioned Messies according to the Messies Manual.

Perfectionist Messie: Are all the spoons in your kitchen drawer neatly nested up to one another, while all the pots in the house sit in the sink and sulk? Why yes, they are. How did you know?!? So me!! Perfectionist Messies have a hard time cleaning because they want it done perfectly while knowing there is no way they can do it perfectly. The answer is simple to a Perfectionist. Don't do it. There is no other choice, right? Oh but the help in the Messies Manual is fantastic!!

Spartan Messie: How long ago did you toss out your ironing board? Brett just throws things away instead of dealing with them. Always dangerous to have him clean...I shudder at the thought!! I wonder how many treasures I've lost because of that man? That's another thing, Messies bond with their things. If I were to see something Brett tossed out, even though right now I can't think of a specific belonging, I would re-bond with it, and love it, and give it a home on a stack of stuff. Stacks...I'm a stacker, an overcoming stacker.

Okay, to the good stuff. I've fallen off the Messie wagon and am climbing back on. I can do this. I looked at my refrigerator the other day and decided it was making me nutty. The goal for Monday was simple. Clean it off. But then the Messie mind took over. On top of my fridge were some scents I use in my Hyla. Which reminded me that I wanted to move all of my cleaning products into the laundry room. Which reminded me that I wanted to clean my hideous laundry room. This is what a Messie does. She gets distracted and works in several places never really making a dent in her home. Even though she has worked very hard, there is no gratification. Sigh. This line of thought with so many tangents slapped me directly in the face. I knew I had to open the book again. I also realized I needed to finish a project. Stick to one area. And I have.

I put my big girl boots on today. So, I'll show you my mess.

The Dreaded Messy Catch-All of a Refrigerator: BEWARE

Hideous, I Don't Want to Go in There Laundry Room

And here's the funny/not so funny part. There are empty bottles of products all over this room. What's even more strange is I don't know who used them. We only use one brand, so these are random. Probably my mom...She does laundry here...She's a Sentimental Messie...

Messy, Messy

Those were the Befores and Now here are the Afters

Beautiful, Clean Laundry Room.

That basket is holding some plants I'm rooting. Oh, you should have seen that sink before, but my boots aren't that good...

And this is the treasure box. A box used for the odds and ends found in the laundry. Let's see what we have: 92 cents, rocks from Granny's (from our visit last summer), Mr Potato Head's feet, a car, a whale, and a shell. Not too bad.
I have my favorite egg crate holding paints and this and thats. My light bulbs are now up high in a jar. A cookie jar turned around so you can't see the word cookie.

All of my laundry products, cleaning products and scents for the vacuum are in this handy dandy thing that has been sittin' empty covered by lint for years!

And I gave it a homey edge by moving one of my favorite little pictures into the room. I'm going with reds and pinks because I don't have those colors any where in my home. But I do like red and pink. So now they are a part of me.

I love this red fabric used to mistreat this window. It lowers down to keep the hot sun out when necessary. I have my plants out here hoping to make it look alive and welcoming. Welcoming, because I oh so dislike this room. Hopefully, the changes will also change my mindset.
Well, there it is, my laundry room.
And the fridge is still sulking....

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Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Terrific! It looks great!

This post seriously encouraged me. I kept wondering why, when I've been trying to organize my new file cabinet, instead I have wound up organizing books which were on my file cabinet, which led to getting some cds off the bookshelf, which led to moving and cleaning my computer-stuff storage organizer, which led to dusting the computer desk...and my file box is still untouched, and also will not be finished in my mind until it's covered with some vinyl pattern. I was freaking out inside, feeling so unproductive. But now I see I am a messie! And I need to FOCUS.

Shan said...

I am a messy of the very same variety. But I lack the gumption to get in there and move stuff around on most days because, like you said, SIDETRACKING!! I'm so proud of you for accomplishing this. Especially whilst home schooling. NICE JOB!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

It looks GREAT!! My, isn't productive time the best kind?? Oh, it's nice to fall into bed after such great accomplishments.

Me? I don't even remember what kind of messie I am, and I own the book!! I guess that's rather telling in itself.

I'm like Julie... but I'd also rather move, pretty up, craft, and do the basic easy FUN stuff, rather than the throwing away and scrubbing stuff. I hate laundry. It's a necessary evil.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Heh! And I just realized that, as many times as I've been to your house, I had never seen the laundry area before!!!

christine said...

Haha!!!! I am so you!! Just yesterday I thought to myself, "I should blog about why I'm organizing kitchen cabinets while there are literally pots decomposing in the sink!!" AH!!!! So glad you loved the book--unfortunately, I didn't love it because it gave so many wonderful ideas, I was totally overwhelmed... Maybe I should give it another chance. I think I'm a sentimental messie...
Way to go!!! The laundry room looks fantastic. I am now inspired to choose a room to do today!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

It looks like I keep good company!! :)

There is good reason that you've never seen my laundry room, Wendy!!

Chris, yes the MM is somewhat overwhelming. I was so desperate that I anticipated this. I marked my book up with high lights and writing in the margins. This took some umph because I don't like to write in books. I would write, "don't like this, too overwhelming, instead I'll do this..." and stuff like that. I took only what I could handle from the book. Baby steps...The thing that helped me the most was realizing I'm not a bad person because of my messiness. That was huge for me!! :)

Rachel said...

Adelia! That looks great!! :-D