Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Something of a Week

These have been some of the longest days of my life. Ugh, it'll all go down as the Great Ice Storm of 2009. I can't believe how some people were so unaffected by it and others lives were turned upside down!

We were without power from early Tuesday morning until Saturday morning. At first, it was a little thrilling to prove we could survive. However by Thursday we were cold, and we never warmed up out of the thirties in our house. I had a couple of friends offer for us to stay, but getting to the them was the difficulty. I was about to start begging for a place to stay with friends/acquaintaces when Brett's company offered to pay for a hotel for us. All the hotels in town were full, we called all afternoon and finally found a room just before 4 pm. So, we stayed in a hotel until Saturday. Seriously, we are PRAISING the Lord for his provision for us.

Playing charades. A fish and a tiger.

Dad and Hoot bundled up.

Hoot burrowed in and went to sleep. This one makes me sad. Little guy...

Three little peas in a pod.

Our heat source.

Finally, at the hotel. A warm room and warm baths!

By the way, my face broke out in huge, red, itchy, burning splotches from being warm. They didn't go away until Friday night. And we didn't even turn on the heat in the hotel room. It's amazing how God has designed our bodies to compensate and endure!

Now, we're home and it's been rough. My garage is a disaster from the deep freeze unthawing. The carpet soaked up the liquid and the dogs tore up the trash sacks. Dirty diapers are strewn everywhere, now huge piles of mush since they soaked up the water as well. Ugh. My washer decided to take a hiatus for a day. Whatever! My mom was hospitalized because she got some random stomach bug and was greatly dehydrated. Brett and T have it as well. Brett is better, but T still has high fevers. At least the ickiness of the stomach bug is over. I hate clean up duty!

But please know that I'm not complaining. Just feeling a little overwhelmed at the eventual clean up of it all. I did have a bit of a pity party and cried for a moment to my friend Dana. But I'm over it now. I haven't been able to move forward since everyone has been so symptomatic. I just threw away 7 mostly full trash bags of stuff from the fridge and freezer. Ugh, the deep freeze will have to wait for another day. I have to get on the ball and clean the fridge if I ever want to replace our food. I can't wait to have a real, warm meal. Everyone has been sick, so no use in cooking. Sigh. Oh, two sacks of frozen food were saved because Mrs Savage let me put some in her freezer. Not all is lost.

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Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Adelia, I'm sorry to hear about all of that. I know you aren't complaining (though if you were, I think we'd understand!), just relaying how life has been since last week, and it sounds pretty tough. I hope your kids feel better soon. That pic of your little one asleep on the couch was precious though I feel so sorry for him being cold! When I look at the ice pics you put up, it makes me think that though this ice storm was disastrous, it was also undeniably beautiful to look at. I'm going to say a prayer for you right now, that you will be encouraged and have a wonderful day. (-:

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Thank you Julie! I did have a good day! And I agree that even though it wasn't a snow land, it was beautiful! My mom and I were out in it and we were in awe of the horrible, wonderful beauty of it. Especially when the sun would shine and light up the ice. Beautiful!

Shan said...

Whoa girlie! I keep hearing these horrible stories! We were out over the weekend and one day during the week but we have a fireplace and stayed alright shut in the living room.

I'm sorry you lost so much food. That was quite a blessing to get a hotel room before the frostbite set in. Hope this week is a MUCH better one! :)

Rachel said...

Whew, what a mess, huh?? That is so awesome about the hotel room! What a blessing! We ended up going to Tulsa to stay with my parents. We braved it out until Wednesday, when we got up the kids were bawling after breakfast because they were so cold. It was sad! Your little guys look so cute bundled up together! I don't know what is up with the tummy stuff, I was so glad to finally be home and then I started feeling icky! Ugh!!! Well, hopefully normalcy is returning for everyone now! :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ohhh, such sweet pictures of your little ones bundled. And that pic of Little hoot with his chin on his hands. Oh, my!! So precious! I love the bath picture as well. And the charades. Okay, so I love them all.

Girl, next time I will drag you and your family out of your house if I have to. ;-)

I'm so grateful also for the blessing of the hotel. Can't beat a warm bath!