Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blessings, Team Work and Buffalo Horns

Blessings really do come in all shapes and sizes and not necessarily in packages. Friday I picked up my gymtastic T-Bird from gymnastics. We were walking out the door giggling at our own not funny to anyone else jokes when Ms Kristin, the owner called out to us. She ran over and told me that T had truly been a blessing to her. She said he had a fantastic practice with a great kick over and that he smiled and giggled the whole practice. This is common for my little gentleman, but Ms Kristin isn't at our scheduled practices--this was a make up class. She said that he reminded her of why she has the gym and keeps it open. Hearing her know and appreciate T-Bird's joy was so moving for me; my Momma Heart soared! It's nice to know your kids bless others' hearts!! That's a family goal--be a blessing.

My mom gave me a head's up last night. She had taken the boys to buy a new movie earlier that afternoon. My kids were ecstatic! They hadn't spent a lot of time with Nane lately since she had a lot on her plate last week. To spend time with her and get a new movie!!! Wow! When she came back she told me that they had seen a little boy who obviously has some kind of cranial surgery. He had no hair but did have visible stitches. Mom told me that T said nothing nor did he ask any questions. He didn't stare, but would glance from time to time. Okay, so last night during mine and T's date night (date night=watching Man vs Wild in Momma's bed and talking during commercials. He gets to stay up LATE since they show several back to back on Saturdays.) he said Mom I have to tell you about a little boy. I saw him and I felt very poor for him. I did. I felt very poor. I knew immediately who he was speaking of. I asked if feeling poor was like feeling sad and he said yes. I asked what he was thinking and he let me know that he was upset that the little boy might be in pain. I let him talk to me and then I to him. We had a good conversation and then we prayed together. I prayed first for the little boy and his family and then T prayed. It was so sweet because I've never heard him so emotional. Sweet, sincere and pleading, God just please make him better. Please make him better. He's never prayed in a pleading way before. I know that this struck inside the core of who T is. So moving for this Momma. I'm thankful that I have children who are sensitive to others' circumstances and lives. That's a blessing to me.

And now for the funny! Professor X hangs around on date night too. He's usually looking for some cuddles because he's so sleepy and is itchin' to fall asleep in Mommy's bed. For every one's much needed knowledge, Prof X is a cuddleholic. Okay, so he says Momma can you hold me?! (It was more of a command than a question) I snuggle him in for the fiftieth time. Prof sighs and says Now that's what team work! I cracked up.

Then T noticed that most commercials during our Man vs Wild-a-thon are about new cars. He looked at me and said What's so special about those cars? Why would you buy those? That doesn't make any since to spend thousands of dollars on something that is not that special. His big thing is forts, so I said, Ya you could build the best for in the entire world with that money. T wasn't on my wavelength, Ya or you could build your own car out of wood. I would paint mine a little bit green to blend in for hunting. Then I would put a sail on it so it could go in the water. Then I'd mount a deer head on the back with buffalo horns on the front. (I think he's talking about water buffalo horns) I don't know about anyone else, but I think we're getting the wrong end with this car stuff. How long have we been spending money on not so special cars?!? Clearly the American dream thrives in my son and is going to bring a truly special car to the people. Be on the look out, and his will be reasonably priced.

I might also mention that we don't hunt. Not that we have an aversion to it. We just don't. I have this inner wanting to go duck hunting, but that's on hold until I find a willing partner. Most people don't like cold and wet. (!?!?) ;-) Plus, we'd have to be on my side of the state so my hubby's out on that one. Anyway, T did go squirrel hunting this last season. He's always talking about living on the frontier, cowboys, and hunting, so we thought he needed to understand what "hunting" really meant. To prepare him, we were talking and I said do you understand what happens, what hunting really is? T, Ya, but I don't think you're gonna like it. Me, Why? T, because hunting is kinda like killing. Okay, so he did understand and one squirrel later confirmed it. We made sure he saw the whole process of I-spy-a-squirrel to the dinner plate. Now he can talk about hunting with a healthy knowledge. We think it's good for the kids to keep their options open for their dinner menu.

But these two kids and their funny little quips and thoughts really blessed the giggling part of my heart last night!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I love you and your family!!!
The T-bird is a silly, goofy, but compassionate and empathetic little guy. Such special qualities in a special man-to-be.
Tell T that when he gets that car on the market, Nature Man will be first in line to purchase one!

Just what are those Woods up to? said...

My eyes started watering when I read about your son praying for the little boy he saw. He sounds like a wonderful little guy with a compassionate heart. I want one of those cars! I'm not usually a car person, but sails? How can I pass that up??

Adelia said...

You know, I can totally see T and Nature Boy cruisin' in a T-Bird special!! :)

Julie, we're definitely putting you on the waiting list.

T really is a wonderful little stinker! ;)