Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dirty Days

This is what happens when the sun comes out and shines on us. Dirty days are here. The boys were doing a "dirt activity" according to the scholar, T-Bird. Making cement out of dirt and sand followed by a dirt cake and a nice savory dish as well.
This is Hoot drinking out of the dogs' water bowl!!! An every day occurrence. Ugh.

A face only a Momma could love.

Okay, this is so funny to me. The two little guys are DIRTY and eating treats. At one point, Hoot digs into Alex's personal lap space to retrieve a lost morsel. Seriously funny to their Momma. Hoot's fidgets crack me up. Nothing special except them being them. Wait that is special!! :-D


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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

"This is a peanut operation!" Hahahaaaaa! Priceless! And I love your comeback: "Yes, that's what our family is-- a peanut operation." So funny. Were they actually eating peanuts??
You know, as much as I crack up at watching your kids just mimic each other and be cuties, I think your giggling in the background is just as special! They are so blessed to have a momma who takes so much joy in them. :-)

Adelia said...

I'm so glad someone outside of our family appreciates the wonderful oddities and seemingly nothings of my kids!! And no, they were eating white chocolate chips (which is why I wanted Hoot to slow down.) Sugar!! Anyway, I wanted to know why Prof X said it. What was he thinking at that time?? Ah, to be in the mind of a child. But if they were eating peanuts, at least it would make more sense. Funny though!!!

And my giggles...hmm...You know how I feel about my laugh and such...But you are right, I really enjoy my kids and can't hide my giggles, even for the audio in the camera. Ah, I'll live. :)