Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good Report

1. T-Bird and I had the chance to see the Razorback Ladies Gymnastics compete against the Georgia Bulldogs Ladies. And let me tell ya, the Bulldogs have some sass and pizazz! Yes, yes our gals are great, but performance and entertainment wise, the Bulldogs brought it!! It was really cool!!

2. My Nanny and Papa and my Dad came up when my brother had emergency surgery. I was so glad they did. My brother needed to know he was loved! I'm so thankful for their presence during some intense times. Nanny and Papa got to come visit the kids (since the kids couldn't go to the hospital) They came over while I drove my Mommy around doing errands. My Hoot, who will not wear his leash for me, got his backpack leash, put it on, took it to my Papa and said, "Let's go bye bye." He was ready to go home with them--not just go home--but he was going to be good. That's what the leash wearing meant! Well, at least he gets the idea... 3. We had a fantastic field trip to the local Fire Dept. with Mothering Matters!! Much needed!

This kid sat still for so long! I was so pleased!!

4. And then I was volunteered by my dear, dear friend Dana to demonstrate a slide down the fire pole. Dana couldn't do it because there was a baby strapped onto her. Maria had to hold one of her girl's hand which left me. Might I add, I'm extremely afraid of heights. But guess what...I did it!!!!

Me questioning over and over how am I supposed to get on the pole. I can do anything if I just get passed the first step...which is why I'll never sky dive. Sigh...

Me making the fire man come back up the pole because I would be alone!!

And there I go!
This may seem so small to some, but it was HUGE for me. And I impressed my boys!

5. We had a play date with a circus of a family (finally) and afterward we hung out and played chase (forever!). My kids were so smiley this day.

6. We also went on a walk, like always. We were blessed to see this--He was so close!

7. T said goodbye to his favorite climbing tree. Carnage from the ice storm...

So he settled for his second favorite tree.

8. Tristan has discovered a reading nook. I love it!
9. The Lord is raising up the right people to be a part of my life. Some mountains are really moving for me. God is so good. I feel lighter than I have in such a long time. Burdens being cast away!!
10. I measured myself yesterday. I've lost 3 inches in my hips, 3/4 of an inch in my waist, and 1/4 of an inch around my chest. I am ecstatic! Now, if I could loose that blub in between my hips and waist...Brett calls it my type A personality, cortisol overproduction, worry weight...I'm working on it. It has to go eventually. Brett is teaching me to be more care free...We'll see.

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Just what are those Woods up to? said...

Good job going down the firepole! That does seem scary. I'm not usually afraid of heights except going down really tall ladders (therefore I'm sure the pole would have scared me too).

I loved the pics! Your kids are so cute!

Wow, that's awesome about the inches you are losing! Cool! Keep up the great work! Oh, I've been meaning to say, thans to your encouragement, I persevered at trying that stupid crane move, and now I can do it!

Adelia said...

Wah-Hoo! I'm glad you stuck with it and conquerred the crane. Yoga is not for the faint of heart. ;)

Ann-Marie said...

I just wanted to thank you so much for the encouraging comment on my blog! I am very excited to meet my boy, and it sure looks (from all these great photos) like yours have been a blessing to you!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Girlie, I guess I only commented in my head before. ;-)

The pole-- awesome. Did Brett enjoy the photos of that??

Take me with you when you go back to watch gymnastics!!!! PLLLEEEAASE!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Also, that bird is HUGE. Glad you had your camera handy!

Rebecca said...

Circus of a family? I'll take that as a compliment...?

Adelia said...

Yes, it's a compliment!!! You're family blog had a circus theme so I went with that! :) I didn't clear posting it with you, I was hiding your identities until approved. heh heh