Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This and That

For St Patrick's Day the Little's and I made Leprechaun Traps. One was made to look like a rock wall with a rainbow on top of the "mountain." While the other was a top hat, what leprechaun could resist a good hat?! We attached a ladder, added sprigs of green and jewels to lure him in. I got this idea, just like most of my crafts, from Family Fun magazine. It's the only magazine I subscribe to. If you are a mother who is looking for ordinary, yet somehow amazing crafts to do with your kids because you are not crafty or imaginative enough to come up with your own, this is the magazine for you. Those of you who already have "it" down, have no need for the help. Leave it to those of us who are impaired. Really, Family Fun is the bestest!!!!

Shaunee O'Shannon Shalalee, we caught one, but he was a feisty fellow. He left a note in each trap. T-Bird commented on how "snappy" he was. Apparently, leprechauns or little people don't like to be trapped. Who knew?

We also enjoyed a bit of green play date.Above: The kids relaxing after some good fun. T knows how to relax. Look at him kick back.

We are so thankful for this blossoming friendship of boys. What's a constant prayer of mine? Good "boy" friends for my kiddos. My boys now have two families of boys that we are able to play and learn with. So encouraging!
And we finally have an official school room/craft area. It's a work in progress, but I already love it! Once again, thank you Suzanne for the desk. :-D
Look at this hair...It's stinkin' awesome. He woke up with that awesom 'do and it's lasted all day. Seriously Great!!!

I am a super blessed Momma. All of my kids do school work, and I don't have to fight and try to busy the littles. I am oh so thankful for this, and they are so cute when they work, aren't they??

And then another Family Fun inspiration, I made this rainbow cake. Isn't it great?! I had already planned to make this cake for my little men, but it turned out even better when our friends the Sun-Kissed Savages came over. Speaking of "boy" friends. We've not been around these guys in such a long time.

What a great week we're having! I feel like a "good" mom too since I've upped my craftiness. I'm really striving for balance right now. It's looking good. ;-)

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, oh, oh!! Such a fun, happy post with such great pictures!!!
First of all, I LOVE your decor with all the leprechaun goodness, eggs, wreaths... oh, it's so delightful.

And the cake was fabulous. Hee hee look at those little boys. I meant to have cake, too, and I forgot. Bummer.

Also, have to comment that your little gentlemen look just precious at their work stations. :-) We're so blessed to have such fantastic kiddos!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

By the way, did you notice that my Little Lad was totally unsure as to how he should proceed with the cupcake? So funny!!