Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moments That Make My Momma Heart Sing

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Notice that Hoot was throwing the same stone over and over. He followed it down the creek at one point during this fun day.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good People--Where Art Thou?

Do you ever wonder that? We all know Jack Johnson does. So do I. If you turn on the TV or even listen to your small world around you, you'd think the world is ending today. Right now I'm so full of joy. My joyous news comes a little late. But, hey, I'm a little behind in my world at the moment. Let not your heart be troubled, no worries, it's all good--a good kind of behind. Whatev. Anyway, I hope you are all aware of the Miss California question that occurred a few days ago. She was asked her thoughts on gay marriage. She starts out with a generic we live in a wonderful nation blah, blah, blah and then suddenly goes another direction. She states that for herself and her family, marriage should be between a man and a woman. She got boo's and yay's. Good for her. No really, she gave her opinion, just as the question was asked of her. I've seen her interviewed since then. She's not this agenda pushing woman. She is a joyful, happy young lady that gave her side. There has been talk since then that this particular question lost her the crown of Miss USA. I am not concerned with that. I see how this has played out for God's glory. If any other young woman had received this question, she most likely would have given the old politically correct stand by answer. Do you see how God gave Christians, whether independent, liberal, or conservative, (yes, Christians seem to spread over and under the political gaps) a hope, a breath of fresh air. How long has it been since you've heard a majority view on mass big daddy programming???? Um????? Well??? Yep, that's right. You don't!

Recently, left wing journalism has said Christianity is greatly decreasing. We hear more and more liberal views, views that the majority of American's don't agree with. Here is the problem. We're the silent majority. We just sit on our duffs and complain about everything. Annoying. Yes, we're annoying. Then you have those like Anne Coulter. She has conservative views but comes across as a loud, hate filled person. Why are the ones who speak out the ones that sound crazy and hateful? Which brings me back to Miss Cali. I like her because she speaks with a smile and a kind word. We can't sow into each other if we are shaking our fingers and wearing our forbidding faces while condemning everyone. We just come across as mean prudes. That's my beef with Christians. Not all Christians, mind you, but you know who I'm talking about. We all know someone like that. It was just nice to see a "good people" if you will. She wasn't part of the boob tube need to obey group. She was herself! How lost we get in trying to please the world. It's okay to have an opposing view. Most of us do. Thank you Lord for letting her voice be the one to answer that question. So wonderful!

By the way, even the all powerful Oz, I mean, President Obama is against civil unions for homosexuals. That wasn't hateful, that was an attempt at humor. Okay, quick story, at my Mommy's work their are women there that are in love with him. They know my Mom leans conservative so they'll come up to her while he's on TV and say things like, "I just get chills when he talks. He's so wonderful. I just love him." Red alert, you should NEVER agree 100% with someone on this earth!!!! No one is that right! You are officially lolo! Lolo=crazy in crazy Curacao talk. Jesus doesn't count in this example, fyi. I watch FoxNews and even I don't agree with them all the time. Seek answers don't just take it from the TV or any other journalistic outlet. By the way, I'm pretty sure journalism doesn't even exist anymore. Sigh...

Okay, it's late and I've gone off on so many tangents that I'm muddling my way through now. Here's my hope and prayer. That we'll get off our duffs. That we will smile and give a kind word. That we will stand on our beliefs and faith.

We cannot alienate each other, but we also cannot stay silent. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't just condemn. Oh, have you seen all those Jesus movies (The Passion of the Christ excluded here)?!? He looks so sickly and sad and just awful! Who would have even given him a second thought? Let's get off our high horses with our scowls and love on someone. Jesus probably had a great smile. One of Jesus' first miracles was at a wedding. You don't invite downers and people full of condemnation to a party. Let's be Miss Cali's (I can hear the cringing). Seriously, let's smile and support ourselves, our views and our Lord.

PS, I'm not going to go over this post to look for the bajillion typos. Sorry. It's late, use your super duper blog decoder to read.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goats and Snakes, Just Good Ol' Times

Tuesday brought a picnic and play date for my MM group. We went out to Ms Rachel's for a fine time! She has goats and the best of toys to play on outside. Thanks, Rachel my kids and I had a great day!

This is the goat (below) I found Hoot out back ramming his head against. Ugh. The goat had squeezed its way out, no doubt noticing Hoot would probably be a little fun. Rachel said her son did this as well. Hoot was standing his ground. Both were determined. And this is where I point out his amazing-ness. What kid who is not exposed to farm animals decides to go up against a goat!?!? He tried to get in with the horses when we were at Dana's. And when we go to Brett's mom and dad's it's the cows. Even in 20 degree weather, that kid is pressing himself into the barbed wire fence to try to be with them. He just loves wild things, like himself.

And the mystery circle of dirt....
Thank you, Rachel, my kids got to ride on their first ever power toys...Dun, dun, dun...

Sneaky sneezy nose for Prof X.

Drivin' a tractor.
They'll never be the same! :-D

And now on to snakes!! Friday brought a snakey home school field trip out to Natural Falls with yet another picnic...yes, that makes 3 this week!

Ms Sam intended for the session to be about loving snakes and killing them only when necessary. Bless her heart. She showed how to dissect a snake and stretch and dry out the skin. Now all we're focusing on is finding a dead snake on the road or within justified killin' distance. Why?? Oh ya, T and I want a good ol' snake skin!! Brett said he'd just buy us one 'cause he's not gonna help skin a snake. We'll see...

Ya, that's my kid in the 'coon skin hat with his Savage buddies!

See, aren't those snake hides so cool. What house full of boys doesn't need two or twenty of those? ;-)

Touchin' little ring necked snakes.

Ms Wendy took this pic. Yep, this is as good as it gets, I wish my hair would have been down...too late. That arm to the side is just our favorite arm. We carry it with us where ever we go. Heh.

This, of course, has been our mostest favoritest class yet. Ms Sam told my T that because it was such a hit, she might do one on fish. Yesssss!!!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day at the Ranch

Hi, this is my friend. Actually, this is my first and longest held friendship in Small Town. So alike, yet so different. She's great.
Me in my fancy sunblock hat, Dana in her tick repellent bandanna.
We got to spend a day hiking with the Ranch family. It was a gloriously enjoyable day. Nearly perfect. Well, it was perfect for me. No, it wasn't that my boys behaved smashingly or anything like that. It wasn't that my kid didn't jump in the creek with such purpose and then strip down to just his diaper. Yes, he did that. It was just great for all the reasons that we are mommas and love and enjoy our kids. It was one of those days that no matter what, you think life is so great.

This day reminded me of the first day that Dana and I just clicked. I will never forget that day a couple of years ago when we lost hours on her back porch. Yep, we've been friends ever since. We tend to loose hours often together. As our kids have grown, our time together has been shortened. Her two oldest kids are girls and we know mine are boys. Well, once you pass kindergarten things just change. EXCEPT when outdoors! Isn't that the cure all for everything!? Outdoor peace and beauty.

I missed some of the best photo ops because I put the camera in the truck thinking the day would end for us and we would be on our way. I was just shy 3 hours! Oh well, now we know for next time. Next time I will catch Fairy Eden on her little stone eating the flowers from clovers. I will catch little Deacon abandoned to the vast green grass. Or how about kiddos under and over a bridge and canoes. And my own little Hoot doing everything that a hoot does. Trust me, you have NO idea what that kid is capable of!!

The Group Shot...As Good as It Gets.
The Leaders of the Pack.
I love pictures that show how each child is in their own world exploring!
Can you hear the roar of the water? Beautiful.
And look at this awesome little guy. Liberty spied him first.

Such a treat, we came home and looked him up in our nature book. It's a Spiny Softshell Turtle. Yes, its shell is soft. It totally freaked me out when I went to pick him up. Dana got him later and I did my photography duty. :-)
These two are so cute to me. Actually Sterlin' is right between my two younger boys. So he bounces between them. Sometimes a growth spurt puts him up to Prof X, but right now he's with Hoot. Sterlin' is such a lover!!
And this little guy won me over months ago! I think he's lovin' me too. I saved him from the grass a few times, definitely the way to his heart. ;-)
Above is my nakie baby(remember he jumped in the creek--isn't that what creeks are for??) re-enacting the fall of Jericho. Yes, he knocked down the rock wall around the spout. And this is just a drop in the bucket of what this kid can do and did. (Don't worry, I'm smiling) I wish you could have heard the rocks crumbling around him. Dana and I couldn't move because we were bound silent yet hysterical laughter. At this point, I was wondering if we'd ever be invited back. Sigh...
A beautiful day all in all!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Home School Files: A Day of Natural Enjoyment

Man, oh man, yesterday was just beautiful, wasn't it?? We decided to go to the Eagle Watch for some outdoor home schooling. T-Bird was our guide and made sure to read the names of the trees and signs to us...Language Arts....Check! Science...Check! Physical Education....Check!

Reading to us while playing with his coon tail.
Our theme tree, it fits our family perfectly...WAHOO!
Professor X spying the sky. And T holding onto his coon hat for fear of an eagle mistaking it for a dinner. He held onto it for about 5 minutes. Funny!

I think it is so funny how enjoys being completely alone, in his little world watching for nature stirrings.

Doesn't it look like they are being attacked from something above. Yikes, take cover! Odd.

There was a 3 minute stand-off that got a little intense. And yes, Prof X is in his socks. Odd again.
Neither would give. Ugh.
No eagle spied on our watch, but we did find this tail-less fellow.
We discussed the change we've seen in the nuts since last fall. Do you like my new piggy nose??
After our frolic in nature, we spent some time at the nearby park. This Momma likes this particular park because there are not as many options and vastness for my Little Hoot to give me a go for.
He took that curve a little fast. Whoa!
My kids LOVE this metal slide. I let them know that's the only option I had when I was a wee lass.
They do get some good speed on this slide though. The boys don't like it in the summer though. Squeaky ouches! Hot, hot, hot!

Wrangling Hoot away from himself! He just has to try. What a grip!
Shoot! Sneaky thing.

I started praying over him aloud and he looked at me and said, "Yes." In complete agreement. I just laughed.

Me slowing his slide down. Sheer joy and excitement on his face! On a side note, T is quite the photographer, don't you think??

Who knew a crocodile ride was so thrilling?! He kept yahooing and yee-hawing with a couple of whoa's thrown in!
Forgive the excessive pics, but I have friends and family out of town who read this and miss my kids. Here's a nice little video (a little shaky, but there's a humorous Hoot moment).


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