Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day at the Ranch

Hi, this is my friend. Actually, this is my first and longest held friendship in Small Town. So alike, yet so different. She's great.
Me in my fancy sunblock hat, Dana in her tick repellent bandanna.
We got to spend a day hiking with the Ranch family. It was a gloriously enjoyable day. Nearly perfect. Well, it was perfect for me. No, it wasn't that my boys behaved smashingly or anything like that. It wasn't that my kid didn't jump in the creek with such purpose and then strip down to just his diaper. Yes, he did that. It was just great for all the reasons that we are mommas and love and enjoy our kids. It was one of those days that no matter what, you think life is so great.

This day reminded me of the first day that Dana and I just clicked. I will never forget that day a couple of years ago when we lost hours on her back porch. Yep, we've been friends ever since. We tend to loose hours often together. As our kids have grown, our time together has been shortened. Her two oldest kids are girls and we know mine are boys. Well, once you pass kindergarten things just change. EXCEPT when outdoors! Isn't that the cure all for everything!? Outdoor peace and beauty.

I missed some of the best photo ops because I put the camera in the truck thinking the day would end for us and we would be on our way. I was just shy 3 hours! Oh well, now we know for next time. Next time I will catch Fairy Eden on her little stone eating the flowers from clovers. I will catch little Deacon abandoned to the vast green grass. Or how about kiddos under and over a bridge and canoes. And my own little Hoot doing everything that a hoot does. Trust me, you have NO idea what that kid is capable of!!

The Group Shot...As Good as It Gets.
The Leaders of the Pack.
I love pictures that show how each child is in their own world exploring!
Can you hear the roar of the water? Beautiful.
And look at this awesome little guy. Liberty spied him first.

Such a treat, we came home and looked him up in our nature book. It's a Spiny Softshell Turtle. Yes, its shell is soft. It totally freaked me out when I went to pick him up. Dana got him later and I did my photography duty. :-)
These two are so cute to me. Actually Sterlin' is right between my two younger boys. So he bounces between them. Sometimes a growth spurt puts him up to Prof X, but right now he's with Hoot. Sterlin' is such a lover!!
And this little guy won me over months ago! I think he's lovin' me too. I saved him from the grass a few times, definitely the way to his heart. ;-)
Above is my nakie baby(remember he jumped in the creek--isn't that what creeks are for??) re-enacting the fall of Jericho. Yes, he knocked down the rock wall around the spout. And this is just a drop in the bucket of what this kid can do and did. (Don't worry, I'm smiling) I wish you could have heard the rocks crumbling around him. Dana and I couldn't move because we were bound silent yet hysterical laughter. At this point, I was wondering if we'd ever be invited back. Sigh...
A beautiful day all in all!

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful day! How fun! :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Wow-- looks like a steep climb. That should wear the kids out, right?? Hope they all crashed and gave your a blissfully relaxing afternoon after the fun.
Dana is a fun-lovin' gal!!