Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Home School Files: A Little Bit of Foolery

These last two days have been quite a bit of fun. Fun and mischief. Of course yesterday was April Fool's Day. The usual giggles and tricks were played out here at the house. T-Bird giggled all day long. Oh, ya, officially his favorite day of the year. I had a few tricks for the kids as well. Thier juice was actually jell-o with a straw gelled in. Heh heh. Tricky Momma! The most exciting thing for me was tying the foolishness in with today's lesson. This will actually carry through the month of April along with a couple of other areas we're focusing on this month. Yes, yes, it feels so good to be in such a focused mode in our lives. Balance. Okay, back to April 2, 1805, the birth of Hans Christian Anderson!

We read The Emperor's New Clothes and discussed what a fool was. We learned about Denmark and Copenhagen. And we watched bits of Hans Christian Anderson on youtube. The kids liked it so much that we're buying the movie. Ah, Danny Kaye, what a blessing you were and still are. Another great Danny Kaye movie is The Incredible Walter Mitty. Love it!! Most everyone has seen him in White Christmas. His words were always so quick and articulate. Nice. We've enjoyed singing his rendition of our story we read. The king well he was altogether, he was altogether, he was naked as the day that he was born. Ah, the foolish king... And we enjoyed his Hans Christian Anderson song and mentioning that it was an April day. It all worked so wonderful together. T has been singing I'm Hans Christian Anderson, Anderson...

Since the Emperor was more in love with clothes than anything else, we dressed in high fashion as well.

Nice, two red boots. Two different sizes...
I believe Hoot was embodying the role of naked Emperor. Thanks for the sacrifice Little Hoot! Funny enough, we've started calling him Boot because he wore just one boot for the longest time. He finally settled on a bigger size until the lost boot was found. Funny little boy!

T-Bird enjoying The Ugly Duckling. Look at that joy!

We enjoyed an altogether, altogether, altogether beautiful, beautiful day!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

First, I LOVE the fashion!! The red boots, boa, armor...and WOW your hat is fantastic!!

What a great way to tie it all together, for a whole month of fun!! Aren't the old movies priceless? They don't make 'em like that anymore.

By the way, thanks so much for this jello idea. My kids loved it, too! :-)

christine said...

You are wonderful. I need to know how to get "on our binder!" The house is a little out of control (life in general, for that matter) and I'm depending on you to intervene! Can you pass along that wonderful website you were telling me about?

Shan said...

You and your munchkins are SO CUTE! Sounds like things are rolling along quite smoothly in h.s. land! I'm going to have to look into that youtube Danny Kaye business. I like him. :)