Friday, May 15, 2009

The Aquarium

Gasp! Is that croc taking my kid's arm off?!?!? Oh, whew! It wasn't real; I was sweatin' that one!
I would like to title this section, Reasons Not to Swim in Our Water Systems!!! Brett thinks I'm a baby, but I'm just saying...

I wish you could see how HUGE these things are. The picture doesn't give you the right perspective. Have you seen the one at the Springfield Bass Pro Shop?!?!?!? Oh My!

Sign me up to NOT swim with these guys! Oh, speaking of, our family has discovered a new thrill. River Monsters. We've caught it a couple of times on Animal Planet. It only confirms my beliefs and decisions to NOT go into the water here! Okay, we do creeks, but that's it!!

The Mr and Mrs.

Swallowed by a shark!

This kid kept moving the teeth over himself like a hula hoop going over him. He was all to willing to be fine cuisine for these teeth!

We went to the aquarium on a day when only 3 other families were there! It was so quiet and peaceful. The kids just got in a zone and watched whatever fish and habitat they wanted!
This is the Professor measuring a fish.

We love Sliders!

Okay, just an FYI: Let's say your kid finds a Spotted Salamander in the yard and you tell him, Ya you can borrow it from Nature for a while. We'll build him a home. Only to discover that it's not a good idea since the salamander can excrete a toxin. When this happens, don't tell your kid you are going to the pet store the next day to get a turtle. I mean, I understand your thinking, you have a tank, and rocks and water and logs. Sure you can pick up a light. The catch? Your tank isn't big enough. A proper habitat costs $200. Oh yes, your $15 pet just grew in cost! Just a little knowledge for you. I would not feel so good seeing you walk away from the pet store empty handed...Not that we did that!

T-Bird mimicking an eel.

Touching star fish...One at a time...Ahem....

Presenting our favorite part of the whole aquarium. You think it's something exotic, huh?
It was stream systems. The otters!! We love River Otters. Oh, and the beavers and the raccoons, but especially the otters!
T would be an otter if he were an animal. Fun, fun, fun and more fun. We spent an hour in this area alone!

We were even able to watch them use the slide! Persistence and commitment. That's the ticket!
Look at that little guy! They would come up to the window as if to play with us! We loved it!

Touching sharks and rays. The Prof was soaking wet! But I'm amazed at how he's coming out of his shell. He even touched this week's salamander, when he wouldn't even touch last year's salamander! Yay!

Look at my beautiful boys! Littles and Big!
Sigh, this momma's heart enjoyed her day with her men.

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