Monday, May 4, 2009

Humming and Angry Lights--The Rest of the Word Would Call It a A Spring Concert

The Music Man himself. The Professor has been counting down the days until the Spring Concert!

Sunday brought a Spring Concert performed by the Ozark Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. This time, my mom and of course Professor X attended, but we had a surprise guest....T-Bird joined our music loving gaiety!! We were so pleased to have him with us! Prof X and I were actually walking out the door to head out when T changed his mind to go. T is more of a rock and roller. But deeeeeepppp down he too loves classical music. Allow me to give you a for instance. For instance, a piece by Dvorak was being played with lots of swelling and fast movement in the percussion, then it would taper off to a quieter moment and then hit it again. Well, T-Bird is sitting beside me tapping his fingers on his chair while the percussion takes off. Then the music quietens and you can hear my humming little man. He was still swelling his music, quiet loudly if you ask me. My mom and I were so surprised and trying not to smile too big for fear he would be discovered and cease his musical enjoyment. T was in reluctant music come-er to listen to-er mode until that point. He was just throwing around his pretend testosterone. My darling Brett does this from time to time. He'll willingly go expecting not to like something...even though he knows he will...and then he'll finally give in. Ah, boys!

My favorite Prof X quote came as he was looking up toward the lights and making odd faces. He would then proceed to stare at them, more of a staring them down stare. I asked him what he was doing, and this is his reply, "I'm making the lights angry." Well, there you have it. Did you even know you could make lights angry??? See, this blog IS educational! Go out and make a light angry today! This blog is also encouraging. ;-D

Me and my Momma!! I love that gal!

In serious mode, the reading of the program.

By the way, this is not one of the faces you make at lights. This is an itchy nose face. Oh, how many pictures do I have of this child making this face all because of a nose!!

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Suzanne said...

What a great day. I wish I would have known about this the girls would have loved to attend. How did you find out about it?

Adelia said...

I'll send you the info! We've been following them since the Winter Concert. Someone announced it on the Small Town savers last year. It's a cheap way for me to expose my Musical Man to his loves. I'll remind you whent the next concert is!!! Maybe we can car pool. :-D

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

So cute!! I love all of the pictures. The crinkly nose one is adorable, even if it's due to allergies!

So happy that X got to go, and T is jumping in on the fun as well.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

By the way, how did it compare to the winter concert? Is he enjoying each one more and more? I wonder if you could get a tape of it to watch at home, too?

Adelia said...

He loves it more and more! He woke up Saturday asking if it was the orchestra day! So sweet.

We have music that he watches and listens to, but there is just something special about 'attending the orchestra.' :-)

Anonymous said...

It is time to treasure hunt in the big red boxes at JBU