Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Babies Are Growing Up!!!!!

I don't realize how much they have grown until something small, or sometimes big, happens to bring it to my attention. Well, my attention was grabbed just a couple of weeks ago. Yep, the babies are growing into boys. Yea, I'm doing my job well. Boo, I'm doing my job well. Can't I just bottle 'em up and keep all that adorable goodness forever?!?

This was Professor X's first year to weigh enough to travel over and through and down this little maze of a blow up play thingy. He was thrilled!! And he did it all by himself!

This is their first horse ride. Prof X has had chances to ride horses before but has always refused. He told me when I found a small horse, he'd ride then. Well, look at these small horses. Yee-haw. Climb aboard, Cowboy. Prof X is a little light in his saddle. He also dozed off on his ride!! He is funny to me.

As wild and reckless as thunder over the land, racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. That's this kid! My little Hoot. Love his wild hair!! Of course, he was quite at home with his first Stallion ride.
I love this picture because it seems as though he's looking at me as though I'm just wonderful. I'm the woman who made his Getty-Up moment happen. He loves me. Sigh...
This is the happiest moment of his life. He looooovvveessss horses. I wish you were there to see his joy!!

And then there's my little Spider Monkey! T-Bird declined the pony ride. I mean, he's ridden a Clydesdale!!. And now to put him on a pony...Psh. The very thought. Tsh.
He was looking forward to giving this a go again after last year's festival. Speaking of a joyful little guy...

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christine said...

SO FUN!!! And kudos to you for giving your kids those opportunities. I just hustled mine on by all those fun things and made them play on the playground! Ha! I'm such a downer sometimes. :)

Adelia said...

No, no, you're not a downer! T only got his first go last year or the year before. Can't remember now. I love that all that stuff is located right beside the park. We taken advantage of the free play as well! They saved their money this year for the activities. The only purpose for them going. People watching and talking to was my purpose. Hee hee!