Friday, May 15, 2009

They Call Me Momma...

...There was no way for me to realize what 'momma' meant in the beginning of the adventure. Momma means that you have to take care of any of the more 'Daddy' appropriate moments when Daddy is not home. Not something you think about when you are holding that little blue bundle...Fast forward almost seven years, and you find these moments 'just part of your day.'

Today's adventure: The Wild Kingdom of the Backyard.
The boys and I had a fantastic morning. After breakfast, assigned school work and reading, we headed out to enjoy our Small Town. (Yes, we're still schooling! We're actually schooling through the summer so that we can take longer breaks in the winter. Aye, I be smart!) Okay, back to Small Town. Our enjoyment included but was not limited to playground play and the Dairy Bar. The boys love the Dairy Bar date! They also bought a couple of wooden guns to replace the broken guns. You can't have a house full of boys without the proper shooters!

When we returned from our excursion, we let our dogs out to play and relax in the warm sun. Soon after our 'hound' dog started doing her 'alert' call. I see the other two biting toward something. Then I see a {rodent} (something smaller than a rat but larger than a mouse with a tail) jumping as if to get away from them. I start yelling for them not to eat it! Ick! And that's when I spotted it....Dun, dun, dun...A snake struck out at the dogs. Ah, so the {rodent} was the snake's dinner, or so it would at first appear. I quickly strung up my laces and grabbed the ol' trusty shovel to make this slitherin' thing pay for entering my boys territory. Of course, I was assuming that he was poisonous. Oh, I forgot to mention the snake was right beside my boys' tunnels! Ooooo, he was going to pay big. And that's when I saw this:

Look at his eyes or eye in this case. In North America, you can tell the difference of a poisonous and non-poisonous snake by their eyes. Slits = bad. Circles = okay. I say okay instead of good for obvious reasons...I am taking baby steps. This snake is lucky I heard a kind woman make a plea to not kill snakes. {Sigh} I can't believe I spared him myself! And I already missed mentioning that I moved the tunnels only to reveal an American Toad. Was that the intended dinner or was it neither??? By the way, the toad is now in a tank in the boys room! Ugh! T-Bird made a habitat while I was snake wrangling. He really does have a gift for habitat creation. I could even see him as an animal behaviorist.

The options: kill it, wait for Brett (about 30 mins) or set him free. We decided on free considering he was a good snake that would rid me of other pests, possibly including other snakes.

Here's where you get to live the moment with me. It gets rather intense. This is me encouraging him to leave in peace. He totally missed that message! Yes, I peep out! A girl has every right, you know.


When Brett saw that he struck at me, he said HE would have killed him. Apparently, strikin' at his woman doesn't win favor with the man. :)

Now, good reasons I should have killed the snake: 1) He was a snake. 2) He was in my yard where my baby's play. 3) He was a snake!

I still can't believe he got off free and mostly easy!

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the Pinkerton family said...

Wow! You are amazing! I would have made Elise come in the house until Daddy got home - and I feel like I'm pretty tough (most of the time, hee hee). You are an incredible mom! Hugs! Briana

Jerri Dalrymple said...

You are a better mama than I.... I would have chop-sooeeeeed it to pieces!!!! (ESPECIALLY after that nasty bit of it striking at you!)

Adelia said...

Briana!!! Oh, I love you!!! You have made my evening, just a bit of you for my day! Oh, yes!

I thought about leaving it, but really, I can barely keep Isaac in. He's full throttle. I'm glad this whole episode transpired during his nap. When he got up, we had a snake talk. He wanders outside all day long. I really had little choice but to deal with the snake. Greatness comes out of necessity, I guess. :)

I really wanted to, Jerri, but I kept hearing Sam D in the back of my head! ;)

Anonymous said...


Adelia said...

Charlie, I know! 8-/ You are always precise and concise with your summations. Love it!