Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Oh Where Is Sweet Little Hoot?

Brett: Where's Hoot?
Me: {no response because to be honest, Hoot is often missing!}
Brett: No really, where's Hoot?
Me: {no response because Hoot is often missing!}

Several minutes pass and the panic starts to creep up.
Brett: Where's Hoot?!
Me: We've got to find Hoot, Boys!

Frantic searching begins.
Bathrooms? Nope.
Bedrooms? Uh-uh.
Outside? Was the gate open? No.
Dog house? Nada.
Under the house? Nuh-uh. (but that has happened before.)
Oh, I know, on top of the stove...We've found him there before. No luck.
Brett checked the garage, but I decided to give it a go again. Hoot likes hanging out there with the puppies. He just had to be out there!

Me: Hoot? Please answer me? Hoot, Hoooooooot?
Then a still, small voice says in the bestest of angelic rings, Mom.
Me: Where are you baby?
small voice: Mom, here.
Me: Where?
small voice: here, heeheeheehee. (small giggles)

Well, look for yourself. Do you see him? Oh, let me also ask, do you see a dog?
You can do it. Do you see them?
What about the dog? Do you see her?
Those two!
Did you notice Hoot's face...Real full of repentance, right? Ya, right. It's all fun and games to that little boy whom I love!
What a nice day of seek and find.

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Shan said...

Oh good grief he's adoreable! And your little dog too!! :D

Adelia said...

The adorable factor is his saving grace! ;-D

Thanks, Shan!