Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whistle While You Work

Or something like that. And yes, I have already posted this morning, but this is just too good to sit on for a couple of days! My Little Hoot felt free to dump a huge bowl of dog food out onto the floorthis morning. I asked him to pick up his mess. Well, somehow Hoot scooted out and Professor X stepped in. He had already been singing and cleaning for about 3 minutes. I have another 2 minutes of video as well. This is just toooooooo cute! Here is a demonstration of my Professor's musical ability and determination. Yes, he wrote this song himself. I think it's a keeper.

Pay no attention to the random dogs passing or the T-Bird jumping through or even the Hoot jumping on me as I'm filming. Attention seekers....heh, heh. Everyone wants to be famous... heh, heh.


Did you notice the line where he says, we have to pick up or Mom will spank us. It's right before the hurry, hurry chorus.

Funny kid. As if he would be disciplined for the mess. At least he is aware that there are consequences and rewards in life.

I love this kid and his beautiful voice. :-D

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