Sunday, May 24, 2009


We recently got to enjoy a trip to he Zoo!

Good things happen at the zoo. This is an example. Hoot was told to sit and not move. Look at him, he did it! Good things at the zoo, indeed.

This was a neat treat! A roadrunner was out looking at some lunch, or lizards behind glass. How tantalizing for him.

This was the best part of the whole day! I wish you could hear their giggles!
Camel rides are awesome! My little wannabe Arabian Princes....Entirely too fair to truly fit the profile. Hoot ran straight up the stairs and mounted the camel. That kid is not afraid of a thing. We thank the Lord for his tenacity!
On the rock with Dad. This was a fun climb for the boys!

And this is just awesome. Let's call it, The MeerKat Dance!
And as always, this went on for minutes!!!! My Little Music Man!

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the Pinkerton family said...

Okay - when did you go? We were there Friday! Elise loved the train, and was REALLY interested in the camel! We didn't let her ride the camel... but now after looking at your boys - I wish we did!

Adelia said...

We went the previous Sunday--The weather was so fine and fair that I asked Brett to take us away to wilder places! :-) That would have been funny if we had chosen the same day! I would have had to squeal with delight. We let the boys do one thing when we go to the zoo. Last time was the train. This time the camel. I'm glad we waited on the camel for now because all 3 boys got to ride. Just special for me, you know?!?!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Soo much fun!! I love the pictures!! And that head shot one is perfect for your gang! (And it's a NEW one; I've never seen it. Is the monkey one still there??) We're heading over on Saturday with Fred's family, and you've fanned the flame of excitement. :-)

Adelia said...

The monkey one is still there and still very much one of my favorites!

Have fun this weekend!