Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And They Call It Puppy Love

We've recently been blessed with puppies. Okay, we never intended on being puppy owners, but it happened anyway. This will be the first and last puppy experience. So, maybe they are not one of a kind. More of seven of a kind. Ya, that's it. I must admit though, it has been fun. The boys have been so responsible in their puppy care taking. Not only care taking but puppy play mates.

The early days: The boys would bring out the little lovies to play and then return them back to the garage for safety's sake. They had gotten a little too mobile to be in the garage all the time.

T-Bird would sit near them in case they needed him. Professor X would stand guard against any birds of prey that might deem the puppies meal worthy. Aren't they so smart and brave?

The boys picked this stick up on a walk. The Professor chose it as his weapon. Believe me, he was twirling like a mad man. No beast or bird stood a chance against him.
Frighteningly cute. ;)
Aunt Lily was still trying to figure the puppies out. Momma Kara didn't like that too much. Now Kara is allowing Lily to play with them. Aunt Lily thinks she's a puppy too. She's our circus dog. You should see her jump and flip...Crazy girl!

The puppies then attended their own personalized day care.
Aw, he's sleepy.

Oh my heavens, the places they go and went! Do you see the little sweetie driving the big truck in the distance. And don't forget the brown Jersey cow like one under the car but beside the bucket and beside the yellow dump truck driving black puppy. Seriously, we have puppies everywhere! We have one who loves to lay under the tunnels. Not exactly the place of choice!
The Dog House beginnings...Okay, are my children ever dressed???!!

The Professor never finished fully all...never put on pants despite his Momma's pleas...
There she is...Driving to big places.

They've already grown in the week since taking these pictures. They think they are big stuff. You should see them pounce and growl. So stinkin' cute! We only have a week or two left before they find homes. Oh, I'm gonna cry. My friend recently called me Ellie Mae. Yes, that's me. {head down} I admit, I'll keep any animal and love it and take care of it and wish for fifty more. It's bad! But good!
We're having fun!

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

We love animals, too! Rendi is my "Ellie Mae" though. That child will tend every animal nature sends our way. Living where we do, lots of animals get dumped on us. I could not tell you how many pets have come from this sad process, LOL! We took in 4 kitties about 9 months ago that came from a stray that made my mom's house her home. One of the kitties was a female, and she had her own litter last week. Adorable and fun, but when it comes time to buying food for all of them, then I'm ready to find them homes, LOL! It's expensive enough feeding all the ones we keep! (Think: 4 horses, 30 head of cattle, 4 cats, 4 dogs....and of course, whatever other critters come along-lots of frogs and such during the summer-many opossums and armadillos call us home, too!) Enjoy the loveliness of watching children be such wonderful little caretakers! :0)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

AAAAWWWWWWWW!!!! So many levels of cuteness!!

Suzanne said...

They are so your house. :)

Vicki Dees said...

I met your wonderful mother during my latest adventure having to come to the hospital. What a blessed child you to have her!

Anonymous said...

Can I come over & hold a puppy? I love lab puppies best but any kind will do. They grow up way too fast just like our babies. Maybe I should hold a baby too while I'm at it since I don't have one at my house! Jenny

Adelia said...

Absolutely, Jenny! You can come over and have your arms filled!!! :-D The puppies and the boys would love it! Ya, these little guys are lab mixes. But they've turned out extremely cute. And like you said, they do grow way too fast!

Ms Suzanne, the good news is that we've found homes for 4 of them, so just 3 more homes to find. We're praying for the right homes for the right puppy. It's working so far.

Oh, Jerri...I can only imagine the cost of your feed since I know the price of our feed! Dogs think they are always hungry, kinda like cows, huh??!! :)