Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even the Tiniest

Scouring, searching, hoping, hunting...That's what I did last fall and early spring. Searching for what? Well, I was hoping to dig up a small tree, for instance, an oak tree. I was anticipating being able to dig up an oak tree and show the boys the acorn attached. Or any other sort of little tree that would show its shoot off of the nut. Fall came and went. All trees I tried to dig up were rather attached to their soil. My husband and brother-in-law poked a little "fun" at me. Winter of course offered no hope and even my dear Spring left me a little high and dry. Except for the last days of Spring. I was rearranging and planting when I saw this little tree growing in a flower pot I had place around the side of the house. I promptly went to pull it up when I discovered my little blessing. Squeals of delights escaped my mouth, of course!

Look at it.
It's a pecan tree!!!!

I guess a squirrel made off with some of our pecans my Nanny brought up last fall. This means that it's related to my Uncle's pecan tree. I'm saving the little tree for my Nanny when she comes up or I go down there, whichever comes first.

I prayed to find this little specimen of seemingly ridiculousness to some. But to me, it was important! I wanted the boys to see it! Education in the highest and all...
And God answered my small ridiculous prayer.

I'm so glad the Lord answers even the tiniest of prayers!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

woo-hoo for small treasures! Have you ever heard the saying, "A mighty oak was once just a little nut who stood his ground." Heeheee

Adelia said...

Oh yes, all of my little trees definitely stood their ground! And I was quite determined! Incredible, actually! I've had that saying in my head since you wrote that comment. Funny, huh?!