Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Found Boys

Let's celebrate the fact that we are done with the first grade! See ya! Now for a break! We will start school earlier than most just so that we can have a couple of extra breaks here and there during the winter. To celebrate our summer vacation beginnings, we decided to go a little native. Or perhaps it whispers Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, ahem, I mean Found Boys. I don't like penning Lost Boys over my kids. They are very much found! Right, Found Boys they are!
Inspired by The Blue Yonder, we made a tee pee and hiking sticks. Little Boy Blue style of course. As in my little boys blue had a blast with their very personal creations. They had a voice in everything from their style of stick to where they were tied together on the tee pee.
Daddy took us out into the great depths of nature, aka the thicket behind our house, to go stick huntin'.
Look at bossy Little Hoot doing what else? Bossin' someone, in this case Daddy. Professor x was analyzing and T-Bird was ready to laugh. Naturally. This is a great example of a moment in time. Naturally, perfectly my kids.

Our masterpiece.

Wooo, threatening. Chest banging. Beware!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Love those "found boys" and their Tee Pee!!! YEA!!

(Now, if it's still up when we're over, you might want to explain to Dash that it isn't REALLY for peeing!)

Adelia said...

Oh it's quite sturdy. It's already survived 2 strong storms. I'm sure it will be up when you're over next. :)