Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

Brett's baby brother got hitched this weekend. It was a classic country weddin'. Trust me on this!

The Sugar Kings.
My Favorite Ol' Ladies in the entire WORLD! Granny is missing in this shot though. I love, love Iva and Jo, the ladies on the ends...And they love me too! I think it's just because I have 3 of the cutest kids but details shmeeeetails!

Uncle Jarrett whipped Hoot into submission. I had my hands full since Brett was a groomsman. Jarrett took Hoot and look at him. He stayed like that for the whole 5 minute wedding. Jarrett's son is one of the above Sugar Kings. Ya, he looks like his daddy.

TheGreat Race.

T-Bird is in the lead.

Up comes the Professor.

Tailed by Brennen.

And last is Hoot, who seems to be indifferent about the whole thing. He just knows he's running circles around the church and it's fun!

Oh ya! This kid did NOT like his Daddy walking another woman down the aisle! Huff and puff and whoa! Anger ball.

The only girl out of 9 boys!

This is what happens when you are that only girl out of the boys! Fuss and primp and coo and Lands, child!

That redhead is my sis in law. I love her. Love her!! Ya, Brett and Ryan both married redheads! We're a different species altogether. ;)

And this is perhaps my favoritest picture ever!!!


Cute kids...cousins...five of the nine.

Climbing the church...sigh...

Okay, this is my second favorite picture. Brothers, Brett and Ryan. Ryan ALWAYS makes Brett laugh. Brett leaves visits with Ryan with aching jaws. I love their friendship.
It was such a good day.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

All of those pictures are amazing!!! I especially like the boys in front of the chapel! Frame it!!!

And the one of the little old ladies is so fantastic. Now that I have extra background info, I can almost here their voices!! Old ladies are always great photo fodder. :-)

The one of Brett and his bro is awesome, too. Well, they all are!--Just so many good pictures!

Glad you had fun (and only stayed the one day!)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

"hear" their voices. Man, I'm tired.