Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Good Report

It's been a while since I've given a good account. Let's get this good party started!

1. After storm skies: There is a bit of rainbow in this picture. Lower middle.

Yes, one sky, so many colors. God is so magnificent!

2. Answered, seemingly silly prayers. My little T-Bird has been looking for bunnies for a while now. Bunnies were spotted a couple of times last month, but who ever can get enough of hopping, running bunnies? Every day we discuss the bunny spotting potential. No, really, every day. We pray to see bunnies. Anyway, as I was out taking pictures of God's colors, a bunny hopped out of a mountain play tunnel that the boys had in the front yard. I quickly called the boys out. So, we did the only sensible thing. We ran after it in our bare feet and pj's. And we found him. See. He's sandwiched between the words. Well, it was evening, and the flash couldn't reach him. Give me a slight break.

Spying the bunny.

3. Oddball children. I love how the little sprite subdues my Hoot. He'll go where ever she points him. Good girl!

4. Play in the pool then draw play in the pool then draw play in the pool then draw....It was a really good day!

5. Lessons learned. No touch-y the Skil saw! Daddy had a hard talk with T-Bird. I love how this captures the pondering!

6. Gifts from little boys. This is my desk. Do you see a gift? Yes, I didn't either...but look again... Oh, hello, Mr Toad. So good of you to visit me on this fine day. How sweet of you, Boys!

7. Benton Co Tire and Wheel. They are awesome! Friendly, fast and dependable! 15 minutes to replace 2 tires!! My kids didn't even have a chance to be unruly!!

I highly recommend driving on new tires...Amazing the smooth ride...Should have been changed out months ago...Oh, well. Anyone wanna go muddin'?? Oh come on, I have 4 wheel drive!

8. My newly compiled summer reading list!

9. Large bags of dog food. The perfect place to just hang out.

10. Okay, here goes, my Dad. Yep, my Dad. My Dad taught me the things that every girl really should know. Like how to read the tire's size. I can change a battery, jump a battery, change a tire and change the oil. Okay, he didn't tell me how to change the oil. I learned from TV and then surprised him when I did it. Because of him I can also cast a fishing pole like there's no tomorrow. And I can perform any number of construction deeds. Truly, my Dad taught me lots of sensible things and added to my Jane of All Trades position...and yes, master of none...not yet at least.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, where to begin?? That sky!! We saw it, too. The whole sky just GLOWED with bright color. It was AMAZING!! We all ran outside, and we saw the rainbow, too. My picture shows it about as well as yours does, but WE KNOW! :-) God is the master painter.

Bunnies. Hang out here. We have two neighborhood ones that hop around all the time. And now a baby bunny that hangs out near the back wood pile. Seriously. I'll try to get pictures next time.

The desk gift is great. Just great. Did they point it out, or did you sit down to work and discover your gift? So funny and truly sweet. It's what little boys are made of. :-)

Yea for new tires. I've never been "muddin'." Okay, laugh. But it's true. And I've never been on a four-wheeler.

Great post!

Adelia said...

Thanks, Wendy!

I have sad news. Lily caught the bunny today! That crazy little dog! The kids were really upset, but really, why would any bunny be near our puppy plantation right now???? 11 Dogs = Danger!

I have a better pic of the rainbow but really liked the pink colors.

Oh yes, random, unassumed gifts are what I get. Sweet of them. ...sigh...

And I don't think there really is a whole lotta off roadin' in this area. Maybe I'm from muddier places. Don't feel left out, lots of people haven't thrilled themselves with a good romp in the woods! ;-D

Thanks for enjoying the post with me!