Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

A few words that are important to me along with their definitions.

Simplicity: freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts

Peace: freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety

Balance: mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment

I've been simply striving for peace while maintaining balance. Just for the mere fact of my own personality type, simplicity isn't easy for me. I've had to learn to think a little differently along with just giving my self time and a little forgiveness. I'm doing a good job.

Anyway, Brett's cousin is a missionary in Russia with his wife and four kids. I pop over to her blog to check in on them every now and then. She had posted this great little list from the Simple Mom Day Book and I just had to start keeping my own list!

Outside my window...the boys are playing in the sprinkler. Actually, they've somehow made the sprinkler a weapon and the other two are defending themselves with dog dishes.

I am thinking...about how to meet the boys where they each need to be met emotionally, activity, and personality wise. This is big to me right now.

I am thankful...that I am able to stay at home with them. So, so thankful!

From the learning we learned that a tiger has favorite eating places. It has been known to drag it's kill up to a quarter mile to have dinner in just the right spot.

From the kitchen...I'm making a Cherry Crumble Pie this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I am wearing...a blue tank and black shorts AND (this is exciting) in opening a drawer I never open, I discovered my favorite color of nail polish that is no longer made. Strawberry, what a simple name for such a fantastic color. So, I'm wearing Strawberry nail color on my Bubbly Toes.

I am creating...a, hopefully, fantastic Imagination Play Room for the boys. Yeeee!!

I am have an impromptu date night with my Honey tonight. He doesn't know yet. Putting the boys to bed early, dessert and a game or movie...I might even gussy up a little.

I am reading...Oh, I just finished a big stack-o-books. So, now starting The Last Child in the Woods, Persuasion, Second Chronicles, and For Women Only. Reading Cowboy Sam to the Boys and listening to Peter Pan on cd in the truck. We spend a lot of time in the truck.

I am hoping...that we will stick to good decisions that will lead us to our new set of goals!

I am hearing...Sprinkle, splat, "AH!" from outside mixed with music coming out of my speakers.

Around the house...there is an indoor obstacle course from the re-arranging to accommodate the new play room and bedroom.

One of my favorite things...Brett's out loud laugh! I melt!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Pick up organic pesticide from Fville, library, steaks on Sat, Pipe work play creations, movie date with my little bro...

The picture thought I'm sharing...

We watched this wonderful cloud move and change for about 45 minutes.

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Foraging Foragers

This is how I often find them. Isn't the ground just fascinating? At least they make dandy foragers!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Keep a Hoot Busy

I love it when Daddy is along for the ride. He just gives my oodles and oodles of help and (well, let's face it) relief! Sweet Little Hoot keeps me going. Because Hoot just keeps going and going and going...Indefinite going!

Anyway, Daddy starts with Piggy Counting. A Hoot favorite.

Daddy also serves as a hat rack. Sweet Daddy, so many jobs.

Then moves to tickles.

Oh, the big guns come out!
Secret weapon...The Pen! Oh, the power of ink!
Toe art.
Daddy draws a different face on each toe. Each toe has a different face because each toe has a different personality!

Bet you've never read that in a parenting book! Ya, my man gots skilz!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dirty Confessions, Small Obsessions and General Oddities of Me

I've been wanting to do this for a while. Well, I guess today is the day. Here's a new little series where you are gonna get to know me a little better. Careful, it could get a little dirty. (Oh come on, clean dirty!)

Dirty Confessions:
1. I have a habit, a bad habit. When I visit the bank through the drive thru, I have a tendency to take out my receipts and other what have you's from the canister. This means I've completed my business with the bank. Then...yep...I put the canister back into it's little cubby place...and...I press the send button AGAIN. This means I have pressed the send button and then have driven away!!! I have NO idea why my reflexes do this, but I never visit the same teller in a row! Ibet they have some special name for me. Hmmm...Anyway, it's the strangest little habit! I don't know if Brett classifies this as endearing.

2. For the last 10 years of my life, I have done my tidying while wearing butterfly/fairy wings. Brett didn't believe me when I was a single gal. He decided to drop by while I was cleaning; he was surprised! Oh well, life is better when you believe you can fly.

3. I often dream in Japanese. Yes, the Japanese language. Yes, that means I can speak Japanese. However, I haven't spoken it to/with someone for 4 years. I would probably pass out of expectation and embarrassment if I had to speak to someone now. Oh my!

4. My best friend (from Jr high and High School) and I cannot remember when we became friends. We were on the basketball team together. She thought I was a snob. I used to be incredible shy!!! She mistook my shyness for snobbery. Anyway, one day I was a snob and the next we were peas in a pod. We were both guards, so it made spending hours before first period and then the whole period itself more fun...Your best friend being your drill partner and all. Oh, allow me to just go off on a tangent real quick.

Let's say your 9th grade year is at the High School, like MINE was. Okay, so you are a Freshman. A Freshman that has basketball early in the morning AND during first period. I mean, could that be any worse??? Stank! Of course our Coach only let us out 5 mins before the bell rang, sometimes AT the bell!!! Horrifying to a young teen girl! That's when I learned to embrace my curly hair. Once you get curly hair all sweaty, there's no uncurling it. (This is before the flat iron, but like we had the time for anything...barely a ribbon in the hair...Yes, the '90s) Anyway, maybe that's why I'm not a fussy girl. I don't spend hours getting ready. If I wear make-up, please know that it was applied in 3 minutes in your driveway, parking lot or where ever I may have been going.

5. Which leads to tonight's last dirty confession. I keep my make up in the truck. Isn't that some kind of No No? Heat/cold exposure. Oh well, some women have vanities and I have a big honkin' truck. C'est la vie. Oh, NICE! I totally just dropped a {g} off a word and then followed it up with a bit of francais. Man, I got class! Oh ya!

Small Obsessions:

1. Acorns. I think it's from Old Disney Cartoons. The woodland ones. Wasn't there an acorn and leaf at the beginning? Bambi, maybe? Anyway, since child hood I've been a little acorn crazed. I find myself looking forward to their drop to the forest floor every year.

2. The Romanov Family. Yes, I was quite obsessed. Now, I just consider myself a walking random Romanov information forum.

3. Pretty things. I like pretty things. I'm a self-confessed hoarder of scrapbook paper and fabric. Some pieces are just so pretty!

4. Baby clothes. I still look at them. I mean, they are so stinkin' cute! How can you not be obsessed with tiny clothes?!

5. Blue. Blue is an amazing color and it goes perfectly with cheery colors like pink and red! Blue and red make me soooooo happy!

Well, how'd we do? Not too dirty, right? I'm saving those up! Until next time...Adieu. {the class just keeps on coming}

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loss of Responsibility, Getting Away, and New Transportation

Guys, I like to go and do. I like fun and laughs. I am a doer who tends to over do. As previously mentioned, we've had a rough go for a while now. During our rough go, I became unwell because I was tending to everything else and forgetting about myself. This found me just yucky and potassium deficient. That doesn't sound like a big deal at all, does it? Well, it actually is....oops! My brain literally gave out, I had no cognitive skills over a weekend {my supposed to be special weekend}, dizziness, muscle fatigue {like I couldn't move fatigue}, my blood pressure got reeeaaally low {I was trying to keep up with my Momma apparently}, anyway the stinkin' list goes on and on. In recovery time, I slept for 30 hours in a 48 hour window of time! Much needed. And we started replacing potassium. The lack of potassium showed warning signs. I kept telling Brett that I continued to drink indefinite amounts of water yet I still felt thirsty, incredibly thirsty! WARNING! Anyway, be sure to eat your bananas, beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Well, there are more sources, but those are my faves.

Brett still preserves his Super Man status. He gave more of himself over the weeks than I did and didn't get no stinkin' deficiency. He amazes me with all that he does. Really, that's not just some love-crazed wife talk. He is great!

Speaking of taking care of things, we let our tree frog return from whence he came! It was time. He served our family well! Goodbye, Woodsy! And I am officially one responsibility down! The kids helped, but I had to be sure that the kids remembered. And I dumped and cleaned the tank. Not a job for 7, 4, and 2 year old. Now the trick is to remember not to pick up another one until I rid myself of about 7 other nonsense jobs I have. I can do it. I'm praying over it. I will not start or pick up something else! There. That's it. Period.

So, after all that jazz I had errands to run. Yes, another thing to do. I usually go the Fville to fulfill my list, however, the same places I needed to go to are in Rogers as well. Hmmm...haven't been to Rogers in a long time. Yep, we went to Rogers. I wanted to take the kids somewhere special without having to chase after them. Brett and I had been unable to give them a lot of our time lately, so I wanted them to be blessed and know that we appreciated their patience. Where could we go? Oh, right! The toy store, where all your little dreams come true. We spent two hours just hanging out and playing in the toy store. Fun, fun!

It was nice to get away for a moment!

When we arrived back home, T-Bird had a package waiting. It was his allowance buy!
What little kid in the world who has never been roller skating or seen someone roller skate asks for roller skates? I don't know. But this one did. For months now, the asking has continued. He found some at a yard sale, but the wheels didn't roll. Of course, we didn't buy them. Then his little gal friend wanted some and received some for her birthday. That of course upped the desire. Now he would have someone to skate with. He decided this was the item he'd been saving for. So, we ordered them.
Fancy, fancy.

So this is how he gets around town now.
He has an audience.


He's loosing his audience's attention...Ah! And he even did a cool move! {I'm sure it was on purpose, too...} Hahaha!

That thrilled look!

Okay, he's got it.

He's going. {I should also mention that I love having a garage and covered carport. The kids get to play underneath it and receive the benefits of the smooth cement.}

Still going...

Yes! Go, Baby, Go!

And predictably, the little two wanted skapes {Hoot's way of saying skates}. They too used their monies to order roller skapes. Actually, I found some on clearance for Hoot. I paid only a few dollars for them! Ya, that's how we roll. So, everyday there's a roller derby around here...everyday! At least they truly enjoy them and use them! I was a little apprehensive about the buys. I didn't want them to be those things that just sat on the shelf, you know?!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

What I'm Up Against

1. While going over Car Courtesies and Rules, we came to car courtesy number eight. Number eight clearly states, keep all body parts in the vehicle at all times. As I read this, I look around to get those little affirming nods, those looks of agreeing awareness, those comments like, "Yes, ma'am. Bodies in the car!"

Instead I get T-Bird nodding {I'm thinking this is a good sign} and then saying, "Ya, except your head, right Mom?!" {sigh}

2. I was holding Professor X while T was taking his swimming lesson, which by the way is going swimmingly, and I noticed a dark strand of hair in the middle of his little head. I quickly let an EEK! escape my lips and proceeded to tell Mr Dreamy {that's Brett for those of you who don't want to call him Mr Dreamy, but why wouldn't you?! haha} that our kid had a dark hair! The Professor begins giving an explanation and apology. Here's how it went: I'm sorry, Momma, I pick my toes. If you pick your toes, your hair turns brown. Well, if that's how you get brown hair, he would be the one to get it. When the Professor is sleepy he picks. He picks at boo-boo's, he picks at his finger nails, he picks...his toes. Picky little boy.

3. I was able to use my relatively new nursing skills. It's been a while since Little Hoot's elbow has popped out of place. This week found us with a hanging elbow. He acquired it by not listening to Momma which lead to an accident. Yikes! Because the good Dr taught me how to put it back in. Hoot was only in pain for a moment!! It feels good to have the Magic Touch!

I'm just sayin' with the older two boys obvious use to their noggin and Hoot's strong determination, I'm in for a real thrilling ride. Motherly rational is really getting through at this point. Good thing child rearing isn't a sprint!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've Been Remiss

In preparing for two shindigs today, I realized I never posted this.

The Professor celebrated his FOURTH year of life!

Happy Birthday, Prof X!

His itchy nose is always with him! Friends for life!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Delivery For Mrs Smiley

It's a box of boys.
Smiley little boys.

Warning: Joy contained within!

Smiley, dirty faced little boys.

The best delivery in the entire world!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making My World Go 'Round

Sometimes you just need to laugh.

Last night was a sad, bad, not so rad night.

How bad was it? Well, today has found me listening to the likes of Cake among others of this odd genre. Just something to numb the not so numb. I personally recommend "Upside Down Frown" by They Might Be Giants. Actually, I don't...But since we're talking about's so bad that you can't help but turn your frown upside down.

It's just a season, and it'll pass. They always do.

But really, I needed to laugh. My boys always provide the right amount of greatness for my life!!

Few will enjoy this, but I always get a kick out of them! One of these is Sweet T's (when you say Sweet T, you have to say it in a low husky voice but add a little umph to it) {Perfect, you did it} take on the Robot. My...My.

video video video
They make sure my world keeps on a turnin'!!!

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Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesdays tend to be an overload day for me. It usually finds me running here and there and is very much a day of time consumption.

Because of this, I also tend to keep Wednesday duties short and sweet. I do a vacuum of the house and 2 loads of laundry. Bedding/towels and a mix of our clothes.

Wednesday also allows me some extra reading time after/during chores and errands. Which reminds me, I always keep a book in the truck to pick up during those times I find myself waiting for whatever reason. It's usually a PMA(positive mental attitude/self-exploration/self-growth) type of book.

Okay, I'm off to prepare for the House Fairies aka Nanny, Papa and cousins. The boys still don't know, but they know that we're getting ready for guests which we've dubbed House Fairies--until they find out who the are. We even took a poll on expectations.

Do they live in our state or another? How far away are they?
T: Yes, 2 hours away.
X: Same

How many will arrive?
T: 3
X: 4

Young or old?
T: young
X: young

Car of truck?
T: truck
X: car

Well, it's gonna be fun when they get their big arrival of a surprise!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trashy Tuesdays

In keeping with the moving forward theme, today is Trashy Tuesday.

Lots of stuff to be trashed.
From now on, each Tuesday will find me deleting pictures off of the camera that are no longer needed and dumping pics out of one file on the computer that will never be used. While I'm at the computer, might as well start trashing old emails. Or unanswered emails that have piled up during my little chaotic stint. Yes, yes, let's start with you. You 300 emails that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. I've had to send out I'm sorry please don't email me until further notice emails. I'm so far behind it seems like I can't move forward. Today should set some things straight. Yea, straight!

Tuesdays are also mail sorting/trashing day.

As well as cleaning out the house-mobile, I mean truck. Holy Housemobile, Batman! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

The last thing to clean out is of course, the refrigerator.

I'm feeling a little less trashy already. And not at all overwhelmed by a schedule. This is not every half hour requirements. This is a 'give me an hour of your time to straighten your mess out' sanity inducing implementation of greatness.

I always keep Tuesdays open as a spontaneous play date/have some fun day, so I don't overload it with lots of to do's.

While we're talking to do's, I just found out my grand parents are coming to visit. I know exciting, right?! Oh, but they are coming tomorrow! Oh no, I didn't know they were coming tomorrow until I called my Nanny at 7:30 last night. Which means I need to kick my tail into overdrive. I have to clean, organize, plan meals...It'll be great, but some of you know that I'm on a big schedule to take care of things hourly. I'm a little drained and am praying for a super natural burst of energy. The best part is...My kids don't even know! They are going to be thrilled. Thrilled I tell you!

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