Monday, July 6, 2009

Back at It--Managing Monday

Oh my! What a round we've traveled through...I'm a big believer in struggle/victory. So maybe once some of the challenges we've faced begins to become more of a victory I will share with you, but until then just know that I have been out of it.

No, no, allow me to emphasize, OUT OF IT! For the last seven weeks, we've been hit pretty hard which means, Momma don't clean when Momma's OUT OF IT!

My, My what a mess we've made.

How to even begin to recover???

Just start somewhere!

But, but, I don't have it all perfectly planned out!

Just start!

Okay, okay!

And that's what I've done. I made a list. To try to get back at it. "It" being a sense and semblance of balance, cleanliness, just something better than what's going on now. I want our home and schedule and resources to be a blessing to others and to honor my husband and family especially.

So, Monday's to do lists look a little something like this:
Mail---postal taking care of's
De-clutter all surfaces
Vacuum entire house
Mop kitchen

Those are the big ticket items that need to be done every Monday. My house is usually tidy on Sundays just because the Mr Dreamy is home. This makes it easy for full vacuuming on the following day.

I have to give my self a B+ for today's chores. I did everything but vacuum the entire house. I just started this process, which means my bedroom floor is still covered in clothes. Sigh...Tomorrow is a new day.

Yes, back to the Home Keeping Binder I go. Ah, what a relief! Routine(not rigid)=Sanity.

A side note. In case you didn't get the message, I'm tired and overcoming. And for the first time in our lives, someone brought us a meal tonight! Well, Barb brought us a meal after Hoot was born now that I think of it. (Okay, when I say Barb everyone yell, "I wanna be like Barb when I grow up!" Even if you don't know Barb, trust me, you want to be like Barb!) But we've had some pretty stressful days in our lives and this is the first ever random meal blessing we've received. It just took some pressure off of me! So nice. It takes a lot for me to accept help. But this is just a moment in my life where I have to fold my cards. I surrender. It feels strange but right. Now, I'm in a refreshing stage and I can hit the ground running! Yay, run the good race, Momma.

Maybe you've never had a random blessing like that either. But think about it and pray about it, see what kind of random blessing you could provide or be for someone this week. Listen to people. Hear their needs and challenges. It makes a huge difference. Change a piece of your world one story at a time. You know what, just smile at someone. That always does the trick! Here's a smile for you. :-D A big open mouthed smile. I couldn't resist.

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