Monday, July 27, 2009

Dirty Confessions, Small Obsessions and General Oddities of Me

I've been wanting to do this for a while. Well, I guess today is the day. Here's a new little series where you are gonna get to know me a little better. Careful, it could get a little dirty. (Oh come on, clean dirty!)

Dirty Confessions:
1. I have a habit, a bad habit. When I visit the bank through the drive thru, I have a tendency to take out my receipts and other what have you's from the canister. This means I've completed my business with the bank. Then...yep...I put the canister back into it's little cubby place...and...I press the send button AGAIN. This means I have pressed the send button and then have driven away!!! I have NO idea why my reflexes do this, but I never visit the same teller in a row! Ibet they have some special name for me. Hmmm...Anyway, it's the strangest little habit! I don't know if Brett classifies this as endearing.

2. For the last 10 years of my life, I have done my tidying while wearing butterfly/fairy wings. Brett didn't believe me when I was a single gal. He decided to drop by while I was cleaning; he was surprised! Oh well, life is better when you believe you can fly.

3. I often dream in Japanese. Yes, the Japanese language. Yes, that means I can speak Japanese. However, I haven't spoken it to/with someone for 4 years. I would probably pass out of expectation and embarrassment if I had to speak to someone now. Oh my!

4. My best friend (from Jr high and High School) and I cannot remember when we became friends. We were on the basketball team together. She thought I was a snob. I used to be incredible shy!!! She mistook my shyness for snobbery. Anyway, one day I was a snob and the next we were peas in a pod. We were both guards, so it made spending hours before first period and then the whole period itself more fun...Your best friend being your drill partner and all. Oh, allow me to just go off on a tangent real quick.

Let's say your 9th grade year is at the High School, like MINE was. Okay, so you are a Freshman. A Freshman that has basketball early in the morning AND during first period. I mean, could that be any worse??? Stank! Of course our Coach only let us out 5 mins before the bell rang, sometimes AT the bell!!! Horrifying to a young teen girl! That's when I learned to embrace my curly hair. Once you get curly hair all sweaty, there's no uncurling it. (This is before the flat iron, but like we had the time for anything...barely a ribbon in the hair...Yes, the '90s) Anyway, maybe that's why I'm not a fussy girl. I don't spend hours getting ready. If I wear make-up, please know that it was applied in 3 minutes in your driveway, parking lot or where ever I may have been going.

5. Which leads to tonight's last dirty confession. I keep my make up in the truck. Isn't that some kind of No No? Heat/cold exposure. Oh well, some women have vanities and I have a big honkin' truck. C'est la vie. Oh, NICE! I totally just dropped a {g} off a word and then followed it up with a bit of francais. Man, I got class! Oh ya!

Small Obsessions:

1. Acorns. I think it's from Old Disney Cartoons. The woodland ones. Wasn't there an acorn and leaf at the beginning? Bambi, maybe? Anyway, since child hood I've been a little acorn crazed. I find myself looking forward to their drop to the forest floor every year.

2. The Romanov Family. Yes, I was quite obsessed. Now, I just consider myself a walking random Romanov information forum.

3. Pretty things. I like pretty things. I'm a self-confessed hoarder of scrapbook paper and fabric. Some pieces are just so pretty!

4. Baby clothes. I still look at them. I mean, they are so stinkin' cute! How can you not be obsessed with tiny clothes?!

5. Blue. Blue is an amazing color and it goes perfectly with cheery colors like pink and red! Blue and red make me soooooo happy!

Well, how'd we do? Not too dirty, right? I'm saving those up! Until next time...Adieu. {the class just keeps on coming}

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