Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Keep a Hoot Busy

I love it when Daddy is along for the ride. He just gives my oodles and oodles of help and (well, let's face it) relief! Sweet Little Hoot keeps me going. Because Hoot just keeps going and going and going...Indefinite going!

Anyway, Daddy starts with Piggy Counting. A Hoot favorite.

Daddy also serves as a hat rack. Sweet Daddy, so many jobs.

Then moves to tickles.

Oh, the big guns come out!
Secret weapon...The Pen! Oh, the power of ink!
Toe art.
Daddy draws a different face on each toe. Each toe has a different face because each toe has a different personality!

Bet you've never read that in a parenting book! Ya, my man gots skilz!

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