Saturday, July 25, 2009

Loss of Responsibility, Getting Away, and New Transportation

Guys, I like to go and do. I like fun and laughs. I am a doer who tends to over do. As previously mentioned, we've had a rough go for a while now. During our rough go, I became unwell because I was tending to everything else and forgetting about myself. This found me just yucky and potassium deficient. That doesn't sound like a big deal at all, does it? Well, it actually is....oops! My brain literally gave out, I had no cognitive skills over a weekend {my supposed to be special weekend}, dizziness, muscle fatigue {like I couldn't move fatigue}, my blood pressure got reeeaaally low {I was trying to keep up with my Momma apparently}, anyway the stinkin' list goes on and on. In recovery time, I slept for 30 hours in a 48 hour window of time! Much needed. And we started replacing potassium. The lack of potassium showed warning signs. I kept telling Brett that I continued to drink indefinite amounts of water yet I still felt thirsty, incredibly thirsty! WARNING! Anyway, be sure to eat your bananas, beans, tomatoes and potatoes. Well, there are more sources, but those are my faves.

Brett still preserves his Super Man status. He gave more of himself over the weeks than I did and didn't get no stinkin' deficiency. He amazes me with all that he does. Really, that's not just some love-crazed wife talk. He is great!

Speaking of taking care of things, we let our tree frog return from whence he came! It was time. He served our family well! Goodbye, Woodsy! And I am officially one responsibility down! The kids helped, but I had to be sure that the kids remembered. And I dumped and cleaned the tank. Not a job for 7, 4, and 2 year old. Now the trick is to remember not to pick up another one until I rid myself of about 7 other nonsense jobs I have. I can do it. I'm praying over it. I will not start or pick up something else! There. That's it. Period.

So, after all that jazz I had errands to run. Yes, another thing to do. I usually go the Fville to fulfill my list, however, the same places I needed to go to are in Rogers as well. Hmmm...haven't been to Rogers in a long time. Yep, we went to Rogers. I wanted to take the kids somewhere special without having to chase after them. Brett and I had been unable to give them a lot of our time lately, so I wanted them to be blessed and know that we appreciated their patience. Where could we go? Oh, right! The toy store, where all your little dreams come true. We spent two hours just hanging out and playing in the toy store. Fun, fun!

It was nice to get away for a moment!

When we arrived back home, T-Bird had a package waiting. It was his allowance buy!
What little kid in the world who has never been roller skating or seen someone roller skate asks for roller skates? I don't know. But this one did. For months now, the asking has continued. He found some at a yard sale, but the wheels didn't roll. Of course, we didn't buy them. Then his little gal friend wanted some and received some for her birthday. That of course upped the desire. Now he would have someone to skate with. He decided this was the item he'd been saving for. So, we ordered them.
Fancy, fancy.

So this is how he gets around town now.
He has an audience.


He's loosing his audience's attention...Ah! And he even did a cool move! {I'm sure it was on purpose, too...} Hahaha!

That thrilled look!

Okay, he's got it.

He's going. {I should also mention that I love having a garage and covered carport. The kids get to play underneath it and receive the benefits of the smooth cement.}

Still going...

Yes! Go, Baby, Go!

And predictably, the little two wanted skapes {Hoot's way of saying skates}. They too used their monies to order roller skapes. Actually, I found some on clearance for Hoot. I paid only a few dollars for them! Ya, that's how we roll. So, everyday there's a roller derby around here...everyday! At least they truly enjoy them and use them! I was a little apprehensive about the buys. I didn't want them to be those things that just sat on the shelf, you know?!

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christine said...

Fun!! Haven't skated in years--what a great idea! Blessings as you try to clear out the unnecessary things. I know it will be good, but hard along the way. Keep up the great work!!