Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trashy Tuesdays

In keeping with the moving forward theme, today is Trashy Tuesday.

Lots of stuff to be trashed.
From now on, each Tuesday will find me deleting pictures off of the camera that are no longer needed and dumping pics out of one file on the computer that will never be used. While I'm at the computer, might as well start trashing old emails. Or unanswered emails that have piled up during my little chaotic stint. Yes, yes, let's start with you. You 300 emails that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. I've had to send out I'm sorry please don't email me until further notice emails. I'm so far behind it seems like I can't move forward. Today should set some things straight. Yea, straight!

Tuesdays are also mail sorting/trashing day.

As well as cleaning out the house-mobile, I mean truck. Holy Housemobile, Batman! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

The last thing to clean out is of course, the refrigerator.

I'm feeling a little less trashy already. And not at all overwhelmed by a schedule. This is not every half hour requirements. This is a 'give me an hour of your time to straighten your mess out' sanity inducing implementation of greatness.

I always keep Tuesdays open as a spontaneous play date/have some fun day, so I don't overload it with lots of to do's.

While we're talking to do's, I just found out my grand parents are coming to visit. I know exciting, right?! Oh, but they are coming tomorrow! Oh no, I didn't know they were coming tomorrow until I called my Nanny at 7:30 last night. Which means I need to kick my tail into overdrive. I have to clean, organize, plan meals...It'll be great, but some of you know that I'm on a big schedule to take care of things hourly. I'm a little drained and am praying for a super natural burst of energy. The best part is...My kids don't even know! They are going to be thrilled. Thrilled I tell you!

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