Friday, July 24, 2009

What I'm Up Against

1. While going over Car Courtesies and Rules, we came to car courtesy number eight. Number eight clearly states, keep all body parts in the vehicle at all times. As I read this, I look around to get those little affirming nods, those looks of agreeing awareness, those comments like, "Yes, ma'am. Bodies in the car!"

Instead I get T-Bird nodding {I'm thinking this is a good sign} and then saying, "Ya, except your head, right Mom?!" {sigh}

2. I was holding Professor X while T was taking his swimming lesson, which by the way is going swimmingly, and I noticed a dark strand of hair in the middle of his little head. I quickly let an EEK! escape my lips and proceeded to tell Mr Dreamy {that's Brett for those of you who don't want to call him Mr Dreamy, but why wouldn't you?! haha} that our kid had a dark hair! The Professor begins giving an explanation and apology. Here's how it went: I'm sorry, Momma, I pick my toes. If you pick your toes, your hair turns brown. Well, if that's how you get brown hair, he would be the one to get it. When the Professor is sleepy he picks. He picks at boo-boo's, he picks at his finger nails, he picks...his toes. Picky little boy.

3. I was able to use my relatively new nursing skills. It's been a while since Little Hoot's elbow has popped out of place. This week found us with a hanging elbow. He acquired it by not listening to Momma which lead to an accident. Yikes! Because the good Dr taught me how to put it back in. Hoot was only in pain for a moment!! It feels good to have the Magic Touch!

I'm just sayin' with the older two boys obvious use to their noggin and Hoot's strong determination, I'm in for a real thrilling ride. Motherly rational is really getting through at this point. Good thing child rearing isn't a sprint!

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