Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesdays tend to be an overload day for me. It usually finds me running here and there and is very much a day of time consumption.

Because of this, I also tend to keep Wednesday duties short and sweet. I do a vacuum of the house and 2 loads of laundry. Bedding/towels and a mix of our clothes.

Wednesday also allows me some extra reading time after/during chores and errands. Which reminds me, I always keep a book in the truck to pick up during those times I find myself waiting for whatever reason. It's usually a PMA(positive mental attitude/self-exploration/self-growth) type of book.

Okay, I'm off to prepare for the House Fairies aka Nanny, Papa and cousins. The boys still don't know, but they know that we're getting ready for guests which we've dubbed House Fairies--until they find out who the are. We even took a poll on expectations.

Do they live in our state or another? How far away are they?
T: Yes, 2 hours away.
X: Same

How many will arrive?
T: 3
X: 4

Young or old?
T: young
X: young

Car of truck?
T: truck
X: car

Well, it's gonna be fun when they get their big arrival of a surprise!

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