Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bittersweet Treasures

I picked up reading a Thoreau and Walden book this week. Homeschooling has got me so giddy that I wanted to stretch my mind too. What better than a little Civil Disobedience?? This book has been on my shelf since my AP English class in twelfth {wow 12th looks funny when you spell it out} grade. I had looked at the inside flap many times. The names of past students who had my book. No big deal. After reading some on Monday evening, I flipped to that familiar front cover with the names, lo and behold a startling, yet loved name.

My favorite teacher from elementary was no one else's favorite. Her room was always a little too cold --learned to bring a sweater--, she was stern--scary stern--, she had this laugh where she would throw back her head and give a hearty chortle, she headed up a Civil War play every year--that was the thing to look forward to by being in 6th grade--, she was great with inspiring creative thought--oh, how many games and papers she helped us with--, she was a Christian, she also got on to me for singing "Life is a Highway"--yes, this would be before the Cars movie came out, obviously. I think it's some strange joke the little goody two shoes me got in trouble for singing a song that all of our kids now know. Sigh..I hate being in trouble!--she also passed away a few years ago. I felt a little lost, actually I knew that our world had lost such a gem! I miss her, just knowing she's not here hurts.

But remember my little treasure! There is her name in her dainty little handwriting in my book! I have a tangible piece of her! I am so blessed!

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Charlie said...

I remember my university French teacher, Guy Comb. He shuttered every time I spoke French. I still feel sorry for him when I think of the things I did to his native tongue.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Adelia, that is awesome! I'm so glad you discovered your handwritten treasure.

Did I tell you that several months ago one of my Mimi's students searched for her name and my blog came up. She saw the pictures, confirmed that it was indeed "Mrs. Burnside" and emailed me. When I put them in touch, the gal also got Mimi back in touch with a whole group of past students. It has been such a delight for them all, but especially my Mimi who always adored "her kids." She was also one of those cold-room, stern-voice, amazing-laugh teachers. :-)

Just knowing how much you cherish this from your favorite teacher makes me feel so much better somehow.

Adelia said...

Charlie, you always say just the right thing to make me laugh!

Adelia said...

Oh, Wendy!! I'm so glad this brought some peace to you! And what a great story and blessing for your Mimi with her former student!!