Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Good Report

1. Sunday dinners after church.

2. Phone conversations with my dear friend thousands of miles away. Distance and time do not determine the quality of a friendship.

3. Sweet, sweet, mild weather end of summer days.

4. First haircuts and the greatest barbers in the world! They are like family to us!

Peach has been waiting to strap this young 'un in for some time. Tame the mane!

5. Habitat creations.

A pond in the making.

They didn't seek a building permit from their mom first.

What's a mom to do?
Proceed, Boys. {my, my}

6. A day with Wilbur Robinson.

Quiet time creations. Our own Robinson town. We are a Robinson family! It's one of our favorite, favorite, favorite books and movies.

The uncles. Dimitri and Spike.

One of the first things I ask all of my new acquaintances, "Do you like the Robinsons?" Yes, it's that important. When I say we or our, I do mean all of us! Weekly Robinson quotes escape our mouths. We are propitious lovers of random. I'm afraid it seems to be a life long sentence.

7. Brotherly love and respect.

Oh, and boots. Hoot actually calls himself Boot. {Sigh}

8. The upcoming of harvest colors.

9. Stores with grocery carts for kids. Even the pet stores have them now!! The problem with this is that Hoot makes his mental own list. Yes, he shops! Look at him. That's not on Mom's master list!! You should see what we end up with. His little mind is so beautiful to me. It's a random mind if nothing else. {love random!}

10. Restored friendships. A dear family seemed to disappear from our radar about 2 years ago. We received a blessing Friday night. My mom stumbled upon them and reconnection commenced! So, so thankful for serendipitous moments!

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Love Hoot's new tamed 'do!! (I'm nervous about telling you how much older he looks now!!)

The sunflower pictures-- gorgeous!!

Love the randomness, smiles, songs, and quotes that dance through your heads...and I know that you probably speak Japanese just to yourself on occasion. ;-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

And 'lil carts!!-- yes, even B&N's neighbor pet shop has them, which I love! Theirs have the high flags, so you can spot the itty bitty cart over aisles. Nice touch.

Adelia said...

It's okay, I know he looks like his monkey brother's twin right now. Those pics are of the first haircut. I took him in last week and had them cut it tight. It had been so hot and humid and the little guy was fighting it so much. It'll be so beautiful as it grows out for the fall and his curls will be back. I just got tired of trimming it every week! But now I mistake him and the Prof all the time!!!

Adelia said...

Ya, my kids are somewhat of a hazard with the carts at the grocery store. I turn a corner and 2 little carts follow me. (We only take 2 so that other kids can have enough. We share the 2.) I have to call out, "I have 3 littles coming behind me." Otherwise my kids take out the knees of oncoming traffic. Yikes.