Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Could I Not.... this man? This man who looks at our children with a joy and appreciation? Even when he's riding in a frog?
Or just plays Mr. Cool when he has to ride in the frog again so that Momma can take all the great pictures.
I love the way Hoot is looking at the Professor with his sharp little eyes.

{Yes, Ms Charlie, we started with the frogs...Great idea!! I love it that you pop in and out of my life in the most interesting of moments. In another state for crying out loud!!}

Look at him give me that sly smile. Ya, he's even sexy to me when he's on a caterpillar.

Look at the two monkeys chatting at each other.

T-Bird chills out in his own caterpillar. He's a big boy. He rode lots of rides on his own. {Sniff, Sniff} My little boy is growing.

And I love this man even more for riding this seemingly gentle ride. Brett got off and we were going to do the parent switcheroo so Hoot could ride. Brett said, You can go, but I'm not. Oh sure, this motion sickness prone woman would loooovvveeee to do that...NOT! That ride went very, very fast. T said he felt like mush. T is in the ship behind Brett. Small little thing isn't he?

T-Bird sat in the wet seat!!! Perfect for him!!

The Professor singing and dancing along the bridge. That kid get sucked into his imagination!

Okay, the happy, joyful man has worn off. We had been trying to leave for about an hour. He was hungry. He had a hyper wife because she just rode her favorite ride {and only ride}. She's like T and loves water. His wife loves it when he gets a little ticky. She giggles. She thinks he's sexy. She pushed his buttons. She stopped and exited the park.
This is his happy, hyper wife. She's crazy.

Okay, so as you figured out. We went to Silver Dollar City. A first for our little family. It was a FREE trip. We were so blessed. Brett's job paid for their people to go for free a couple of Sundays ago. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Ar. Which is how we got to have dinner and visit at Jarrett's house.
Hotel Fun:

Oh and the ride there is nearly as fun as the park itself!

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Charlie said...

You found the best part of the park. The wait time for these rides are less than five mintues. In other parts of the park there is a lot of standing in line time.

If you get a chance to go back to SDC the cave is a cool place to watch some bats hang.

It was good to see you there.

Adelia said...

Ya, I don't think we even had to wait. And it was such a 'mild' July day! A blessing!

We wanted to do the cave, but there was a wait and it takes an hour. Since my kids have been caving a couple of times we opted for the mechanical mayhem. Next time we'll do it. Hopefully, we'll have an extra set of hands too.

Brett used to spend his summers at SDC with his friends since they lived so near. They used to heckle the guides! Ugh!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

The cave IS fun...but only if you have no one who is scared of heights. Three of us are. We had a little freak-out last time.

GREAT pics. So, Miss Della, which ride is your favorite?? The American Plunge??

Stephanie said...

So glad you're no longer "lurking!"
It looks like we've got a lot in common and I look forward to keeping up with your blog!
What a wonderful family you have.