Monday, August 31, 2009

I've Been Cookin'

That seems so simple, doesn't it? Cooking. Not a big deal. I used to loooovvveee cooking. I loved trying new recipes and ingredients or making an old-fashioned meal. Seriously, loved cooking. But then Hoot came along and turned my world upside down. When I thought I was coming up for air, we had a loss which sent me into a sadness that gained intensity in the late winter/early spring. And then who let this summer hit?? Ugh, it was one of those seasons. All that to say, I feel like I'm inhaling and exhaling in a rhythm now. Much better. I seem to be enjoying my world again and living right now. Wait, to clarify, I always enjoy my world---but there are levels of enjoyment. Before it was more of existing. In that existence, I did not enjoy cooking or the act of it. It was usually some thrown together meal. Sure, it usually tasted nice, but I don't feel like I added myself to it at all. You know, you put your love and thoughts into the recipe. You think of how much your family will enjoy the taste or your dish or you think about the special or secret ingredient you threw in just to make them go hmmmm?!...What is that specialness? For me cooking had been just another piece of my duties, not even a labor love. Shame, shame.

Well, I'm baaaaack. I made two meals that just made me smile all over on the inside. I felt like I truly cared for my family. My favorite meal was Meatballs in yummy spaghetti sauce. I NEVER make meatballs, but I found myself thinking of my friend Melissa {and former room mate} last week. I remember one night when she was getting off work later than my other room mate and me, we were in charge of making meatballs, and they had to be a very specific size to meet Melissa's meatball connoisseur needs. Anyway, that sparked the idea of making meatballs for the fam. I made a side of pasta and the option of making your own sub with herb encrusted Italian bread and an awesome Caesar salad. I'm on this Caesar salad kick right now??!! Straaange!

Anyway, I just loved putting the meal together. A heart song indeed.

And then my favorite dessert that was made last week. I didn't take a picture of it...Blast...But good news you can look here and see the pie and recipe. Oh, it's soooooo great! A true hit with the family and it seemed to fit the time of year very well. Cherry-Cream Crumble Pie, you should rule the world. Ahhhh, yesss. {Quite whisper of delight} I substituted fat-free sour cream and lite cherries and it still turned out super fantastique. {Que second sigh of delight and remembrance}

Anywho, just wanted to shout from the rooftops, er, blog that I'm cooking {and baking} again and the joy is coming on in. If you get the chance, make that pie!

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