Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ninja-ya

Or the ninja store as my kids call it. This was a treat for our oldest little boy blue. And it was Brett's idea! He has great ideas!!

Notice the slightly frightened face on the boys. I'm sure they were thinking back and forth on whether the guy really had the fire under control. Rational, irrational, rational, irrational. Mom and Dad wouldn't take us to a place where fire dances everywhere, right??

See why we wanted that kid to come to the Ninja-ya???!! That's a priceless face in the pic below.
{In Japan, most all shops end in ya--store. Like sushiya: sushi store/restaurant. Or kutsuya: shoe store.} Now you can understand why the boys have lovingly dubbed the Japanese Steakhouse as the Ninja Store. They call our fave Mexican cuisine restaurant the Salsa Store and our favorite Steakhouse the Cowboy Store. I'm unsure if this is healthy for them to rename everything in our world, but that's how we roll right now. Oooo, note to self, write a list of all our words. Note noted.
I think Hoot is actually memorizing the method to the controlled chaos. Scary thought for this Momma!!!!!!! No, really!

Slurpy san. (Mr Slurpy)
I have to admit the best part of our dining was when the fire was HUGE and I look over and Prof X is huffing and puffing more than the Big Bad Wolf ever blew. He was trying to put the fire out!! The entire table laughed for several minutes, wiping our eyes from the tears of hilarity.

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Jerri Dalrymple said...

I love it! Your boys are so precious! :0)

What restaurant was this? I think I've heard about it, but I'm not very familiar with Asian dining establishments.

Thanks for sharing!

Adelia said...

Aw, thanks Jerri!!

This is just good ol' Shogun's. In Central Ar from where I hail from, they have more 'ninja-yas' that I would go to. I know that we have more than this up here, but like you, Asian dining usually isn't our thing. You just want to trust the product your eating...That's all I'm sayin'.

Good to hear from you!! I know you have a lot going on now! Thanks for popping by!!!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

My sister likes that restaurant and tried to get me to go there once, but, like I said, it's not really my thing when I look for going out to eat. I'm more of a Mexican, Italian, or steakhouse kind of gal. :0) You shed a new light on it for me though. It would be a wonderful experience for the kids, fun for the family, and exposure to other ideas (both culturally and cuisine-ally (LOL!))
I read your blog every time you have a new post because I subscribe to it in a feed, but if I want to comment I have to actually go to it (which takes more time, hence the lack of comments due to my business of late). So that way I keep up with all my friends, but sometimes they just don't know it! ;0) Hope your school year is going well!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Love those pictures-- especially T's face!!!! Oh my, the delight!

(And I love that you know Japanese!)

I'm not much of an Asian-diner either, but we might have to go someday just for the fire and chopsticks!

Adelia said...

Thanks Jerri!

Wendy, haha! I know Japanese which is absolutely worthless except for conversational subjects.

"Oh you know Japanese? Oh, that's nice---and strange."