Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uncle Jarrett

My little T-Bird is a party animal, however, he is also so very timid. He's even shy around Brett's family. With an exception being Uncle Jarrett. T actually speaks in his loud voice to Uncle Jarret. Jarrett is Brett's second to the youngest brother. It goes two girls, Brett, Ryan, Jarrett and Brent. I love, love my brothers-in-law. They are a group of just great boys. Anyway, we were able to have dinner with Jarrett and Tracy and baby Mighty Max last weekend.

Jarrett got to spend more time with his wood-working Grandpa than any of the other boys. {This is also the REAL Cowboy Grandpa.} That means that Jarrett has mad wood-working skills. You should see the things he has created single handily. It's his thing. A new addition to the house, an amazing deck that leads to another deck, a sand box that would make any park envious, a tiered, holy cow flower bed, and then the one that got me. The Chicken House. This is some coop!

I didn't get pictures of all the other stuff, but when I saw this piece of beauty, I made a mad dash for the truck to scoop up my camera from the seat! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm anxiously awaiting our little farm. I can hardly wait to have my livestock and...especially...these little things...Chickens. I have a tattoo of chicken feet for crying out loud! I love birds and I love gathering eggs!

Without further ado, check this Beauty out!

Uncle Jarrett just got pecked by a sleepy gal.

This one never leaves this area!

Can you see the baby Guineas? Little soft lumps.

This thing was MASSIVE and wonderful.
As we were leaving, T said, "You know who my favorite Uncle is, it's Uncle Jarret! BYE, UNCLE JARRETT!" he yelled out the window. It was just so nice to see T-Bird come out of his shell. I'm sure it was the chicken coop that did it. It couldn't have been the forts or anything like that. Yes, the chicken coop made everyone happy!
I must also admit, times like that make me just want to pick up and move closer to family. Mine or Brett's, who cares. Anywhere where I have land and animals. It has to be a God thing though, and not an Adelia has a hankerin'....

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

We posted about chicken coops on the SAME DAY?! Ha!

I must say, that thing is NOT a coop; it's a regular Embassy Suites chicken hotel. Way to go, wood-workin' man!

So glad that T-bird got a country fix. He's a little cowboy, that one. :-D