Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild Things Making Wild Things

I've already expressed my absolute glee over the book Where the Wild Things are becoming a movie. As a childhood favorite of mine (oh I can even remember 'watching' the book on the slide 'film' in library), I have wanted the boys to love it just as much. And they do. Well, in celebration of the book we made our very own Wild Things inspired by Skip to My Lou. We've/I've been inspired to make/do lots ideas and stuff from this site. Having fun!

We made four Wild Thing Pillows. One for each of the boys and a collaborative pillow just for the fun of it. It's quite fun!

This is where OCD kicks in for Prof X. T-Bird had put speckles on our collaborative Wild Thing. It's kind of a bird so that would make sense. Not a big deal to most. But the Professor was doodling along, spots the dots, halts all productions...You can see the Professor's eye hone in. He can't stop himself. The world started moving at a slower pace. Must...Connect...The...Dots...
And he did. He connected the speckles. T and I were doubled over laughing and the Prof was naturally unaware of what was so funny.

I said to T, "That's not what you had in mind is it?" Through broken laughter he says, "No."
And then laughs some more. One of my favorite qualities of T-Bird is that he enjoys his brothers. Even when they seemingly destroy an artistic flow, T sees the funny, beautiful workings of them. That is a blessing.

Professor X is also in a bit of a rut where he has to be as near like T as possible. This is his homage to T's Wild Thing.

Hoot's. We made it for him. He was napping. He has no idea he missed anything. He loves his pillow.


The collaborative work. With connected dots and all.

Ah, Hoot's up and at 'em.
This is the best stuffer this side of the Mississippi. He stuffed all of the pillows and even figured out how to use that stuffing stick before I could show him. Mr Creativity indeed.

I would show you all of the boys holding their loved Wild Things. Alas, there was a Wild Thing War and Hoot's ended up behind the heavy bookcase. It's a Hoot thing, trust me. Anyway, just know that the boys had a wonderful time and the other two boys sleep with their pillows. Neat.

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Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Awww, I loved that book as a kid, too, and we all adore it now.
Your pillows are Monsterously wonderful!

Those boys were just designed for your family and for each other! Isn't it great!! :-D