Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rocket Science

I am quite certain this is the best $15 I've ever spent. Here is one of the activites we've enjoyed during family time.

So, so high in the air.

Half the fun is catching the rocket!

Rocket retrieval service.

Hours and hours of fun!

And you know the Mary Poppins in me made this an educational thing as well. Woo-hoo for the homeschool team!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Baby is Back

Brett and I were driving home from somewhere not too long ago and he asked what I was thinking. You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that my baby used to be so sweet and huggy and lovey...and then he turned into an all too able little guy way too fast. I blame it on the beans. Remember, at nine months after a momma's milk only diet he started stealing food. {okay I just went back into my archives and read that post from 2 years ago...I have already forgotten so's a slightly fun read if you want to click over there...And to think of how much we've changed since then. At that time, Professor X was 2 and T had just turned 5...strange} Anyway, I think that's when he decided to become a real boy. So when Brett asked what I was thinking, I was pondering his former nickname. That he used to be Sweet Baby.

And now he is Hoot, because that boy is a HOOT!

But when I see him like this, I can't help but think Sweet Baby...

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Stella

Yes, I name everything. I tend to name my things names that my husband would never let me dub my children. Hence, Beau--one of our doggies. And now Stella.

Stella is not an animal however.

She is my safety. My husband is awesomely calm about most things. Except when it comes to his wife and children. One year in my stocking at Christmas, I received pepper spray. I looked at Brett and cracked up laughing. Really? Brett: You are always on some adventure, I never know where you are going. Now at least you have some protection. You didn't know I was always on some adventure did you? Neither did I.

Brett even gets a little nutty when he thinks we are out and about in a storm. That man wants to know his family is safe and sound. Sweet man.

Brett has been pushing for me to get a hand gun for a while now. And here's his gift to me. Stella.

Oh, wait. That's not me shooting my Stella. That's right, because my husband has fallen in love with her. {Sigh} Well, that's a half-truth. He was sighting her in. Sure, sure. Be sure to say hi to Alan, Brett's dad.

The other day I heard him refer to Stella as his gun. I think it's because she's so easy to shoot. Not easy, easy---but for a gun easy. I bet that doesn't make since to some. I like Stella because she has tons of safety features. And she doesn't bust my knuckle when I shoot her. I have got to get a different grip style! You'd think I'd learn.

I have to share: I hit the nail on the head, not the bulls-eye, the nail holding the target to the tree. Brett and Alan whooped for me. Ya, we'll pretend that's where I was aiming...

While Brett and Alan had fun with my gun, fine we'll call her our gun, T and I had a little nature adventure which has been super fun putting together and learning about. And yes, I'm sure Alan thinks I'm a nut. {I love Alan} He teased me during my little adventure.

I wonder if he thought something like, And this is the woman who educates my grandchildren...

It's okay, my children are filled to the brim with lots of random information. I'm sure one day will prove to be plenty useful. If not, we're having fun in the process.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Missing Piece

I have a blessed life. We're good.


There are a few things missing...

And today, I'll point out this one...

Kitty Cats!

For the first time in our lives, we do not own a cat. Not since two April's ago.

It feels a little strange. But Grandma has kitties. She has kitties running out of her ears.

I think Grandma keeps kitties just so that the boys have something to chase while visiting.

Oh, it's like Hoot is on some super duper adrenaline rush while in pursuit of the kitties.

See how they try to sneak away...But curiosity is stronger than the sense to flee.

Daddy is the Kitty Whisperer. Actually, all animals love Daddy. He's such a calm soul.
Daddy was able to catch the wildest kitty of the bunch.

Don't do it. Stay...It's not worth the smothering love...Stay....

I love these two. Slightly creepy, but slightly cute.

But, we can't have kitties right now.
Because I am the proud owner of slightly too many dogs and 3 boys and a husband. No room for kitties right now.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Minimalist in the Making?

A self-confessed and professed messy, I find myself leaning and looking and wanting clean lines, less clutter, a general smoothness that makes you feel all fresh inside. This general leaning has lasted for a few months now. I'm not quite sure what to do about it. We all know that I get caught up in all kinds of fancies. I heard a lady refer to her fancies as short lived ambitions. I liked the description.

We had our carpets cleaned a couple of weeks ago. In preparation for the grand event, we put all of the furniture {minus the furniture from the bedrooms}, toys, and other usual suspects into our kitchen and dining areas.

We were all left with a general awe as we went into the rooms. Not just because the carpets sparkled but because the house seemed so clean and large! Brett voiced my exact thoughts at the exact moment I was thinking them {this is why we're great together}, he said, "Are we becoming minimalists?" My reply, "Is it wrong that I hope so?" The boys even asked us to keep the house without furniture. I think my family is crying out for help.

I used to keep the cleanest house this side of the Mississippi, not just clean it was not overridden with this and thats. For me, things fell apart when my back revealed its broken contents about a month after T-Bird was born. I was unable to bend or twist or lift or do anything that would prevent you from gaining 50 pounds in a year. {Oh, wait, that is a rant for a later date} This one is about my clutter keeping. I couldn't keep house the way I wanted and had been keeping. I couldn't even lift my own child.

My back is tons better than it used to be. I live with slight pain every day of my life. But I'm am now completely capable of taking care of home. However, somewhere in the recovery, I became a messy. A girl who gets big ideas and forgets about the tidying she was doing, a girl who bonds with everything...You know, oh we can't get rid of that because great granny so and so gave that to us. I'm also the girl who has a hard time saying no. Oh, you want to give my a big bag of junk, why thank you, we're honored to take your junk. Someone stop this woman!

It doesn't help that I have kids. {I love my kids, don't get me wrong} But kids come with junk too. I prefer wooden toys, toys that don't make noise, toys that make the kids think--Yes, I'm a mean Momma and have grand ideas about playtime. Just another freckled fancy. However, did you know that grandparents and other extended family don't always get on board with this momma's fancies? And because I'm a messy, I have the hardest time getting rid of these plastic, space claiming, noise making gifts. {Sigh}

Here's a peak into our stint as minimalists.

Plenty of room for golf. That's an indoor sport, right?

Our solution to keeping dirt off of the drying floors. Fwoopy. {That's the way T used to say slippery when he was teeny tiny. Brett and I still say it. Yet another word we've added to our awesome vocabulary.}


Alas, this was waiting to be put back...somewhere...

It made a good jungle gym for the boys too.
Please know that I am purging this week. Fall cleaning, if you will. It seems like I did spring cleaning just yesterday.
Oh, and my blog look will be changing soon. A cleaner, smoother look.
{Okay, a quick aside, I've been fiddling with html codes and have learned how to make 3 columns!! Who ever thought I could do html?!?!?!} {And yes, that had nothing to do with a cleaner, smoother look!}
Back to my thought, I can't stand the clutter. And I think I'm going to add freckled fancy in the header. You know, smiles, blessings and freckled fancies. Just wanted to let you know so you don't think you are in the wrong place.

I'm off to purge some more.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doing the Watussi

My dears...Ah, my dears. This is a self-prescribed family week for us. We're having a fine and dandy time. I must let you in on our fantastical, horrifical{not a real word} beginning though.
The first day of family week began with something so wonderful yet so horrible. A family hike. No big deal. We're avid hikers and lovers of the great outdoors. My Mommy was able to come with us. We always like to have our Nane around!! So, we see a few little bluffs and caves, no big deal. Then there is a pretty clear path to the creek that our trail ran beside. Me being the water magnet like my T-Bird says, "Hey Brett, there's a path to the water with a nice bank." No response from Mr Responsible. I'll try again, methinks. "Hey, Honey, that path will take us to the water." Still Mr Responsible wages on toward the bluff. Hmmm, "Brett, did you want to take the kids down there. There are a lot of rocks for our Rock Hounds to throw if we go down to the water." Okay, I finally got it. We're not going down to the water.

Instead, we firmly placed our tushies on the bluff. A little scary if you are afraid of any sort of height. That would be me. And there in lies the great irony. I can never let my fears show because I am the mother of boys. Well, it wouldn't matter if I had girls, I don't want to transfer my fears onto my kids. Therefore, I have to walk out with them as if we are on firm ground. Ugh. Let the tummy flipping begin as well as the picture taking.This is what we really look like. It's also as good as a group shot gets. You should see the ten other attempts. MY BOYS!!

We started making our way back to the path when Brett exclaims in his quiet voice, "There's a snake, it just caught something. Over there in the water." As the spied snake makes his way into our view, we see what he had caught. Through the whirling water, you see the snake spinning and tangling and realize there are two snakes!!! Doing the WATUSI!!! Oh my goodness. The wild Watusi in front of my kids. T asks, "Are they mating? When are they getting married?"

Caution: Pictures of the Watusi ahead!

They were HUGE! Survival of the fittest?

We watched this for at least 10 minutes. You couldn't take your eyes away. It was incredible, yet horrifying. The fact that these Water Moccasins were attempting to make more of themselves!!??!! They are soooooo aggressive. You could see them flickering their tongues from our standing point on the bluff. Horrible! And guess where their little dance was heading. To the bank. The bank that my little path I wanted to take led to. Mr Responsible wins again. {sigh, blast my whims of fancy}
Back to the path. We found an even higher bluff covered in lizards, frogs and ring neck snakes. Wonderful for my little Forrest Men.

Hoot is about to blast off.

Forrest People. They just pop out of nowhere and anywhere. Beware!
Who is this kid??!!
This kid belonged to the family who found my camera!!! We had stopped for water and stretching. I guess I put down my camera and, OBVIOUSLY, didn't think twice about it. The family found us at the beginning of another trail head just chilling out. Brett had gone to get the truck. We were just hanging out doing stuff like this:

Yes, shirtless celebrations. The mom of the family asked if she could take our picture. And then I heard her say, "There are 3 boys, but the Dad in the blue shirt is not here." Um, that was weird. Why is she counting my boys? How did she know that Brett had a blue shirt on?? I quickly decline and she said, "Oh, that's too bad. I was going to use your camera." And she pulled out my camera from behind my back. She quickly added that they had taken a picture with it. I could care less how many pics they took! They returned my camera!!! Good people {with a sense of humor} still exist in the world!!!!!!!! We had a good exchange of witty banter and smiles. I pray a huge blessing on that family!

Mom and I put our tootsies in the water. {sigh of delight} My feet were so soft and lovely after my "spa" pedicure. Creek water is naturally cold year round, but this woman doesn't have to swim in it like her boys do. Taking care of tootsies is good enough for me.

T sneaked away to a quiet hole. He likes to just hang out. Well, kind of. He had a frog with him that was missing a foot. So he and the frog were just hanging out. Quite kids.

Mr Relaxation. For as often as he likes to be busy, he equally loves to just be...just be.

It was a fun, blessed, horrifying day. Seriously, my mind has been sabotaged by the snake Watusi. I even had dreams about them! But they are God's creatures...Right?!

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