Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doing the Watussi

My dears...Ah, my dears. This is a self-prescribed family week for us. We're having a fine and dandy time. I must let you in on our fantastical, horrifical{not a real word} beginning though.
The first day of family week began with something so wonderful yet so horrible. A family hike. No big deal. We're avid hikers and lovers of the great outdoors. My Mommy was able to come with us. We always like to have our Nane around!! So, we see a few little bluffs and caves, no big deal. Then there is a pretty clear path to the creek that our trail ran beside. Me being the water magnet like my T-Bird says, "Hey Brett, there's a path to the water with a nice bank." No response from Mr Responsible. I'll try again, methinks. "Hey, Honey, that path will take us to the water." Still Mr Responsible wages on toward the bluff. Hmmm, "Brett, did you want to take the kids down there. There are a lot of rocks for our Rock Hounds to throw if we go down to the water." Okay, I finally got it. We're not going down to the water.

Instead, we firmly placed our tushies on the bluff. A little scary if you are afraid of any sort of height. That would be me. And there in lies the great irony. I can never let my fears show because I am the mother of boys. Well, it wouldn't matter if I had girls, I don't want to transfer my fears onto my kids. Therefore, I have to walk out with them as if we are on firm ground. Ugh. Let the tummy flipping begin as well as the picture taking.This is what we really look like. It's also as good as a group shot gets. You should see the ten other attempts. MY BOYS!!

We started making our way back to the path when Brett exclaims in his quiet voice, "There's a snake, it just caught something. Over there in the water." As the spied snake makes his way into our view, we see what he had caught. Through the whirling water, you see the snake spinning and tangling and realize there are two snakes!!! Doing the WATUSI!!! Oh my goodness. The wild Watusi in front of my kids. T asks, "Are they mating? When are they getting married?"

Caution: Pictures of the Watusi ahead!

They were HUGE! Survival of the fittest?

We watched this for at least 10 minutes. You couldn't take your eyes away. It was incredible, yet horrifying. The fact that these Water Moccasins were attempting to make more of themselves!!??!! They are soooooo aggressive. You could see them flickering their tongues from our standing point on the bluff. Horrible! And guess where their little dance was heading. To the bank. The bank that my little path I wanted to take led to. Mr Responsible wins again. {sigh, blast my whims of fancy}
Back to the path. We found an even higher bluff covered in lizards, frogs and ring neck snakes. Wonderful for my little Forrest Men.

Hoot is about to blast off.

Forrest People. They just pop out of nowhere and anywhere. Beware!
Who is this kid??!!
This kid belonged to the family who found my camera!!! We had stopped for water and stretching. I guess I put down my camera and, OBVIOUSLY, didn't think twice about it. The family found us at the beginning of another trail head just chilling out. Brett had gone to get the truck. We were just hanging out doing stuff like this:

Yes, shirtless celebrations. The mom of the family asked if she could take our picture. And then I heard her say, "There are 3 boys, but the Dad in the blue shirt is not here." Um, that was weird. Why is she counting my boys? How did she know that Brett had a blue shirt on?? I quickly decline and she said, "Oh, that's too bad. I was going to use your camera." And she pulled out my camera from behind my back. She quickly added that they had taken a picture with it. I could care less how many pics they took! They returned my camera!!! Good people {with a sense of humor} still exist in the world!!!!!!!! We had a good exchange of witty banter and smiles. I pray a huge blessing on that family!

Mom and I put our tootsies in the water. {sigh of delight} My feet were so soft and lovely after my "spa" pedicure. Creek water is naturally cold year round, but this woman doesn't have to swim in it like her boys do. Taking care of tootsies is good enough for me.

T sneaked away to a quiet hole. He likes to just hang out. Well, kind of. He had a frog with him that was missing a foot. So he and the frog were just hanging out. Quite kids.

Mr Relaxation. For as often as he likes to be busy, he equally loves to just be...just be.

It was a fun, blessed, horrifying day. Seriously, my mind has been sabotaged by the snake Watusi. I even had dreams about them! But they are God's creatures...Right?!

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christine said...

You are one brave woman!! Throw me over a cliff or from a plane (with a parachute, of course!), but put me within 25 feet of a snake, and I would literally be peeing in my pants! Other than that, what a wonderful day!! So glad you're soaking up some family time! :)

Adelia said...

Thanks, Chris, we did have a great week together.

I blame my reckless behavior with snakes on growing up in the woods. Snakes were normal. You either left them alone or killed them. Then we went to that stinkin' snake education for homeschoolers. That just increased the curiosity. Ri-di-cu-lous, I am.

Shan said...

For some reason I've never been as afraid of snakes as I am frogs but that has all changed now. Bahahaha. Shivers!!!

Adelia said...

Yes, but frogs...I'm not afraid...um, but the thought of the one jumping on me and landing with its sticky feet on me...Ya, not good. I get a little jumpy. Thanks for that thought, Shan!