Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Stella

Yes, I name everything. I tend to name my things names that my husband would never let me dub my children. Hence, Beau--one of our doggies. And now Stella.

Stella is not an animal however.

She is my safety. My husband is awesomely calm about most things. Except when it comes to his wife and children. One year in my stocking at Christmas, I received pepper spray. I looked at Brett and cracked up laughing. Really? Brett: You are always on some adventure, I never know where you are going. Now at least you have some protection. You didn't know I was always on some adventure did you? Neither did I.

Brett even gets a little nutty when he thinks we are out and about in a storm. That man wants to know his family is safe and sound. Sweet man.

Brett has been pushing for me to get a hand gun for a while now. And here's his gift to me. Stella.

Oh, wait. That's not me shooting my Stella. That's right, because my husband has fallen in love with her. {Sigh} Well, that's a half-truth. He was sighting her in. Sure, sure. Be sure to say hi to Alan, Brett's dad.

The other day I heard him refer to Stella as his gun. I think it's because she's so easy to shoot. Not easy, easy---but for a gun easy. I bet that doesn't make since to some. I like Stella because she has tons of safety features. And she doesn't bust my knuckle when I shoot her. I have got to get a different grip style! You'd think I'd learn.

I have to share: I hit the nail on the head, not the bulls-eye, the nail holding the target to the tree. Brett and Alan whooped for me. Ya, we'll pretend that's where I was aiming...

While Brett and Alan had fun with my gun, fine we'll call her our gun, T and I had a little nature adventure which has been super fun putting together and learning about. And yes, I'm sure Alan thinks I'm a nut. {I love Alan} He teased me during my little adventure.

I wonder if he thought something like, And this is the woman who educates my grandchildren...

It's okay, my children are filled to the brim with lots of random information. I'm sure one day will prove to be plenty useful. If not, we're having fun in the process.

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Charlie said...

Wow, I took a few days off from reading blogs. When I came back from being unplugged, I had so much to read. I am going to clean my carpet now after seeing yours. The Siloam clean up week is just around the corner so I need to purge too. Be careful with Stella.

Adelia said...

Charlie! Charlie! Just seeing your name makes me smile. I'm determined to not be stuck with all of my junk yet again after another clean up week!

Definitely recommend the carpet cleaning. It just makes you feel better inside somehow.

And, yes Ma'am. I'll be careful! :-D

christine said...

Stella is the PERFECT name for a girl's gun!! You are a much more evolved woman that I am. Not sure if I would be ok with a gun as a gift from my honey. :)

Adelia said...

Ya, and our names rhyme. You know, "Look, there goes Della with Stella."

I love shooting guns. It that strange...I wonder? Maybe because I grew up with them, I have a healthy respect and love for guns. Maybe that's it, or maybe I'm just a strange woman.