Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Missing Piece

I have a blessed life. We're good.


There are a few things missing...

And today, I'll point out this one...

Kitty Cats!

For the first time in our lives, we do not own a cat. Not since two April's ago.

It feels a little strange. But Grandma has kitties. She has kitties running out of her ears.

I think Grandma keeps kitties just so that the boys have something to chase while visiting.

Oh, it's like Hoot is on some super duper adrenaline rush while in pursuit of the kitties.

See how they try to sneak away...But curiosity is stronger than the sense to flee.

Daddy is the Kitty Whisperer. Actually, all animals love Daddy. He's such a calm soul.
Daddy was able to catch the wildest kitty of the bunch.

Don't do it. Stay...It's not worth the smothering love...Stay....

I love these two. Slightly creepy, but slightly cute.

But, we can't have kitties right now.
Because I am the proud owner of slightly too many dogs and 3 boys and a husband. No room for kitties right now.

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