Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Baby is Back

Brett and I were driving home from somewhere not too long ago and he asked what I was thinking. You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that my baby used to be so sweet and huggy and lovey...and then he turned into an all too able little guy way too fast. I blame it on the beans. Remember, at nine months after a momma's milk only diet he started stealing food. {okay I just went back into my archives and read that post from 2 years ago...I have already forgotten so's a slightly fun read if you want to click over there...And to think of how much we've changed since then. At that time, Professor X was 2 and T had just turned 5...strange} Anyway, I think that's when he decided to become a real boy. So when Brett asked what I was thinking, I was pondering his former nickname. That he used to be Sweet Baby.

And now he is Hoot, because that boy is a HOOT!

But when I see him like this, I can't help but think Sweet Baby...

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christine said...

Ok, those pictures almost brought tears to my eyes! What a cutie!! And he does look like a very sweet little baby!